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Premium Partners

  • Soundtrack Your Brand With Raydiant and Soundtrack Your Brand, you have access to the world’s largest catalog of popular music fully licensed for business. Soundtracks include music from more than 380 record labels along with album art and visuals to share across your... LEARN MORE
  • SinglePlatform With SinglePlatform, you can edit and manage all of your menus from one dashboard. Connect your account with Raydiant and when you make changes to your menus in one place, SinglePlatform does the rest by automatically updating your menu content... LEARN MORE
  • PosterMyWall Send engaging content to your Raydiant displays. Choose from thousands of templates to create vibrant videos and animation that will wow and delight your customers. Access thousands of templates, free downloads and easy drag-and-drop signage content that exports directly to... LEARN MORE
  • BlueJeans Raydiant connects your digital signage to your BlueJeans Video Conferencing account allowing huddle with employees, visit with guests, conference between your locations, or even share your computer screen right to your digital signage display without having to juggle devices or... LEARN MORE
  • Simplifi Raydiant offers plug and play access to your Simplifi network, giving you a dedicated and private connection for your digital signage. Update menus, post important notices, show off social media, or create an ambiance--harness all the capability Raydiant has to... LEARN MORE
  • Trabon's Menunet Trabon’s MenuNet helps you create, synchronize, and publish gorgeous, eye-catching menus. Raydiant brings them to your digital signage network, giving them the presentation they deserve in all their HD brilliance. LEARN MORE
  • Hoopla Raydiant gives you a powerful, centralized, remotely-managed platform for distributing Hoopla’s graphics and presentations across your business’ digital signage network. With Raydiant, you can schedule your Hoopla content, deploy it across your entire network, and incorporate it into stunning presentations... LEARN MORE
  • Zoom By connecting your Zoom Video Conferencing account to your Raydiant Solution you can easily huddle with employees, visit with guests, hold a conference between multiple locations, or even share your computer screen on your digital signage display—all without having to... LEARN MORE
  • Pro Content Pass With Raydiant Pro Content Pass, you’ll never have to worry about content for your digital screens ever again. Content Pass delivers a steady stream of automatically updating content that you curate, 24/7. Use the Raydiant dashboard to schedule your content... LEARN MORE
  • XITE Integration Overview With XITE on your Raydiant dashboard, you can control your digital signage, in-location entertainment, and so much more from one platform. At the touch of a button, you can harness the star power of top artists, change the mood of... LEARN MORE
  • Toast The Toast integration rounds out Raydiant’s interface, giving restaurants a way to manage their business from one, central platform. From your in-house and online menus, to your indoor and curbside signage, all the way to your contactless services, Toast and... LEARN MORE

Included Apps

  • QR CODES With Raydiant’s QR Code generator, businesses can easily create, import, and display QR codes into their digital signage content. See it in Action
  • Presenter The Presenter App lets you play PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations in their native format—no converter needed. Just upload your presentation to Raydiant or plug your sharelink into your clipboard and ready to present! See it in Action
  • PICTURES Display custom graphics, promotional materials, internal information, and more. Upload images to your library (Supports PNG, JPG, GIF). See it in Action
  • VIDEOS Bring the magic of motion to your screens. Upload videos to your library (Supports MOV, MP4). See it in Action
  • CLOCKS Show up to 8 time zones and keep your office, audience, and customers up to the minute and on-time. See it in Action
  • NEWS Keep your customers informed with live headlines from sources like BBC, Wired, NASA, and more! (Supports RSS). See it in Action
  • WEATHER Don't let your customers get caught in the rain. Add live weather to your screens. See it in Action
  • CALENDARS Automatically generate beautiful live events calendars by syncing your existing calendar (Supports Google Calendar). See it in Action
  • FLYERS Effortlessly add your images and text and Flyers will automatically create your layout. Style with the theming of your choice. See it in Action
  • MENUS Customize your menus and keep them fresh with Raydiant. Add an image, update item availability and change prices in seconds. See it in Action
  • INSTAGRAM Combine your favorite apps and most important messaging, along with weather, news ticker, and more. See it in Action
  • YouTube Bring the power of the world’s largest video platform to your screens. Add Youtube videos to your library (Youtube licensing restrictions apply). See it in Action
  • Multizone Combine your favorite apps and most important messaging, along with weather, news ticker, and more. See it in Action


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