Lift and learn technology: Driving 87% lift in sales.


Merge the best of physical and digital shopping by using lift and learn technology. Engage customers at point of purchase with immersive, interactive displays and smart retail shelves.


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Dove Using Digital Signage Powered by Raydiant Lift and Learn Technology


Smart Shelves


Keep customers engaged, increase dwell times and lift sales with smart shelves.


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Make Retail Engaging, Memorable and Personalized with Lift and Learn

Lift and learn + digital signage


Improve product engagement by combining lift and learn experiences with your digital signage, giving shoppers the right product message at the right time.

Interactive lift and learn drives 10x engagement


Interactive retail displays


Engage customers at the shelf. Give them the information they need to make educated decisions about products and services.

Increase ROI by up to 1400%



Drive messaging that drives sales


Educate customers and drive product exploration directly at the point of purchase.

Companies saw an average 87% improvement in sales


Turn insight into action


Unlock new in-store behavioral data and convert in-store shoppers to omnichannel customers and brand ambassadors.

7X increase in customer spend


Raydiant Customer Analytics Dashboard



Powered by the Raydiant platform.

Our technology connects a robust digital content management system with a massive app marketplace, smart customer analytics, and your POS system to create amazing brand experiences at scale.


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Take charge of your content


Deliver up-to-date contextually targeted product campaigns by demographic, geography, or store type

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Convert shopper traffic


Schedule content on screens that attract shoppers into stores or product shelves.

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Test. Test. Test.


A-B test product content to drive optimal engagement and sales conversion with real-time analytics feedback.

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Always on call


We proudly maintain 99.99% uptime and offer 24/7 live customer support, just in case.

Experiences that bring wow to your store shelves.


Unparalleled customer insights

Understand in-store shopper behavior with product engagement insights that improve merchandising, pricing, packaging, and content.


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Scott Emmons

VP of Innovation, Neiman Marcus

"These interactive displays engage our shoppers with the information they need to feel confident in their purchase, engage sales associates in the process and drive surprising sales lifts."



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Deploy lift-and-learn digital signage across a wide range of categories including grocery, big box, beauty, fashion, electronics, fragrance, books, travel retail, beverage, health & wellness, supplements, toys, and baby supplies. Wherever content can help shoppers select products, interactive retail store displays and smart shelves powered with lift-and-learn can improve the shopper experience.

Lift-and-Learn technology unites digital product content with each physical product in a fun and engaging way. The combination of lift-and-learn sensors, a robust digital signage platform, and advanced digital signage analytics provides a closed-loop marketing system that can continuously be improved, helping get your products in shopper hands and out the door.

Shoppers finally get the product content and experiences that make them feel confident about their in-store purchases. Utilizing lift-and-learn digital signage and smart shelves is a great way to drive incremental category volume throughout the store with proven sales lifts up to 180%.

A robust lift-and-learn digital signage platform should collect:

  • Metrics to understand the value delivered including viewer counts, engaged shoppers and conversion, customer demographics, sentiment, cost per customer (CPA), cost per interaction (CPI/CPC), sales lift, on screen clicks

  • Metrics to help you better merchandise your products such as planogram interaction data, pickup-to-sales conversion rates

  • Metrics to help you better understand content effectiveness such as pickup-to-screen conversion, on screen clicks, dwell times, sentiment analysis

Lift-and-learn technology puts the “smart” into smart shelves and is the key to understanding behavior at the shelf and the types of messaging that can influence shopping.

For the first time ever, this technology brings digital product information for every product on the shelf without shoppers having to download an app, scan a QR code, or navigate through options on a screen. Armed with product information shoppers can be more confident in their purchase decisions.

While brands have seen an average 87% sales lift by collecting at-the-shelf and customer data, they've also increased shopper loyalty and converted in-store shoppers to omnichannel shoppers through endless aisle options and data capture.