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Employee engagement: Turn your staff into your biggest fans.

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Messaging & Communication

Inform workers of shift changes, assign tasks, and close out processes through our internal employee engagement app.

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Empower friendly competition and display leaderboards with current standings for peak employee engagement.

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Recognize employees them how they want with our extensive employee rewards platform.

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The ultimate performance and employee engagement platform.

Our employee engagement app streamlines communications, boosts workplace morale, and improves company trust and loyalty.

25% of companies saw an uptick in productivity

Create an Amazing Employee Experience with Raydiant
Live leaderboards that integrate with POS data provide real-time positive feedback and motivate employees with instant recognition.

82% of employees believe recognition is a vital part of happiness at work

Excellent Employee Experiences: What They Can Do For Retail
Our task management feature gets everyone on the same page, creating transparency around expectations and responsibilities.

Brands with highly engaged employees have 2x more customer loyalty.

Raydiant Launches Task Management Feature on Employee Experience App
Gamification engages, trains, and motivates employees through healthy competition and positive feedback.

48% of employees believe gamification increases motivation and performance

Raydiant's Employee Experience Turns Your Staff Into Your Biggest Brand Advocates

Loved by the best in the business.

"After just one month, we saw a 17% increase in employees hitting their sales goals."
Henry Lam
Sales Operations Manager, Sunbit

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