Employee engagement: Turn your staff into your biggest fans.


Take back office employee engagement to the next level with live performance data. Engage your brick-and-mortar teams and foster a high-performance culture with task management, advanced recognition capabilities, gamification, and real-time communication, all built into our employee engagement platform.


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Messaging & Communication

Inform workers of shift changes, assign tasks, and close out processes through our internal employee engagement app.

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Empower friendly competition and display leaderboards with current standings for peak employee engagement.


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Recognize employees them how they want with our extensive employee rewards platform.

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The ultimate performance and employee engagement platform.


Communication & collaboration made brilliant

Our employee engagement app streamlines communications, boosts workplace morale, and improves company trust and loyalty.


25% of companies saw an uptick in productivity


Create an Amazing Employee Experience with Raydiant

Instant recognition


Live leaderboards that integrate with POS data provide real-time positive feedback and motivate employees with instant recognition.


82% of employees believe recognition is a vital part of happiness at work



Excellent Employee Experiences: What They Can Do For Retail

Manage tasks all in one place


Our task management feature gets everyone on the same page, creating transparency around expectations and responsibilities.Brands with highly engaged employees have 2x more customer loyalty.

Brands with highly engaged employees have 2x more customer loyalty.


Raydiant Launches Task Management Feature on Employee Experience App

Embrace friendly competition


Gamification engages, trains, and motivates employees through healthy competition and positive feedback.


48% of employees believe gamification increases motivation and performance


Raydiant's Employee Experience Turns Your Staff Into Your Biggest Brand Advocates


Raydiant Customer Analytics Dashboard

Powered by the leading enterprise digital signage CMS.


Delightfully intuitive and accessible, our CMS enables operators to manage and control content from any device, anytime, anywhere.


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Out-of-the-box games & contests

Tap into our suite of sales games and contests, from sports-themed brackets to head-to-head matchups.

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Keep teams connected with one tap


Easily huddle teams with our mobile app - assign tasks, broadcast safety alerts, make company announcements, and give shoutouts, even when teams are on the go.

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Right place, right time, every time.


Easily and remotely manage engaging content for back office teams across 10 or 10,000 screens from one Raydiant dashboard.

Access to the rewards they crave


Our recognition & rewards platform empowers employees to choose the reward most meaningful to them, from gift cards to the latest electronics, to 5-star travel experiences.

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Henry Lam

Sales Operations Manager, Sunbit

"After just one month, we saw a 17% increase in employees hitting their sales goals."



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Studies have shown employees perform best when they're engaged. Our Employee Experience Platform makes it easy to celebrate wins both big and small. From LTO sales contestant to employee of the month, recognizing workers the moment they meet a goal or milestone will go a long way to boosting employee retention — not to mention morale!

While the Raydiant mobile app is a great way to stay connected with your employees, it's not the only way. You can choose to push messages to back office digital signage, breakroom screens, conference rooms, and around your workplace halls to keep employees engaged and informed while at work.

At Raydiant, we understand that employees crave the power of choice, so we've curated a rewards platform with tons of variety – from local adventures and luxury travel, to gift cards, merchandise or the latest electronics. Real-time wins are acknowledged publicly with congratulatory messages on back-office digital signage and mobile messages via our mobile app. Employees accrue points for every win through our personalized recognition platform, and once they're ready to redeem, they get to choose the rewards most meaningful to them.

There are a number of factors that contribute to poor employee engagement. Whether a company is experiencing high turnover, low morale, or poor communication, it may be time for an employee engagement solution. Our sales staff can help you explore a number of options that may be right for your business.



Harness the power of employee engagement.

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