Excellent Employee Experiences: What They Can Do For Retail

Your employees are your best advocates, and by nurturing them into a happy and engaged workforce, you create a recipe for business success. To do this you need to give your employees a reason to be switched on at work, making it far less likely they’ll uproot and move on to another company.

The employee turnover rate in the retail industry is above 60%, which equates to more than “230 million days of lost productivity.” To motivate and retain employees, brick-and-mortars must create excellent employee experiences promoting a positive working culture where people are happy to stay. 

Happiness Breeds Happiness 

Happiness is infectious. When your employees are happy, your customers are too, which reverberates back onto your business’s bottom line. Productivity in workers increases by 20% when they are happy. They also provide better customer service and contribute to a more pleasant environment. Positive staff encounters in-store influence 52% more purchases from customers. It also boosts customer loyalty, with 90% of customers returning to a store after a good experience. 

The secret to success lies in the happiness of your salesforce. To offer the best employee experience,  you need to understand what makes them tick and what they value. Below are 6 factors contributing to high job satisfaction and how Raydiant can help you foster these.    


Valuing employees makes them feel appreciated and acknowledged for their contributions. ‘‘82% of employees believe recognition is a vital part of happiness at work.’’

Using Raydiant’s in-office screens and the Hoopla app integration, you can automatically generate leaderboards and progress updates, celebrating your top performers on the big screen for the whole office to see. By showing appreciation, you turn your workers into the most valuable assets for your organization. 


Providing rewards for your team helps motivate them and is a great performance booster. ‘‘Businesses that offer incentive programs to their employees note a 14% higher productivity rate over those that don’t.’’ Raydiant’s app integration with Hoopla enables you to incentivize your staff, offering them reward points, exchangeable for real-world prizes. Companies with active recognition programs see a 41% improvement in customer satisfaction and a boost in sales.    


Punching the clock shouldn’t be met with gloominess. Using Hoopla games, retailers can bring fun to the workplace with activities and leaderboards that spur healthy competition between staff and activate a sense of community. Fun and laughter reduce stress, making teams more motivated and connected.


Clear and effective communication is key to ensuring your brick-and-mortar business runs smoothly. Without it, employees can lose focus, and vital daily tasks can go overlooked. Well-connected teams show a productivity increase of up to 25%; therefore, it pays to invest in intelligent communications. Raydiants mobile app enables retailers to stay connected and quickly disseminate information to staff members, ensuring the message reaches everyone. 


75% of US employees rate collaboration as very important for their everyday tasks, and 86% of employees blame workplace failures on a lack of collaboration and communication.With Raydiant’s employee experience platform, retailers can connect both remote and in-store employees with collaborative digital tools that make joint projects effortless.  

Streamlined Operations

Frontline workers are often pushed to their limits, serving customers, restocking, cleaning; the list goes on. Free up their day using Raydiant’s screens and virtual assistant that helps customers get the help and service they need without having to call upon a shop assistant. We also make creating and displaying content simple, from listing the latest promotions to highlighting customer competitions in-store, your marketing team can create engaging, on-brand content across all retail locations with ease. 

Excellent employee experiences are the backbone of a strong business and store owners would be wise to improve engagement across all of their locations. To discover the full capabilities of Raydiant’s Experience Platform, book a free demo now and create a thriving work culture and community that generates improved sales and revenue. 

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