Virtual In-Location Agent
Engage in real-time customer conversations at all your locations.

All-in-one solution that empowers you to connect with your customers face to face, from anywhere.

Why Choose Raydiant’s Virtual Agent Technology?

Built For One-to-One Communication

Deliver personalized on-screen messages, QR codes with product information, offers, and more.

Multi-Purpose Use

Ready to support your sales, customer support, concierge services teams.

Internet Ready

Connect via WiFi, Ethernet or LTE (For the locations where stable internet is hard to come by).

Powered by the Experience Platform

Purpose-built operating system designed to help you create, manage, and scale in-location experiences on all your screens.

How Our 3000+ Customers Use Our Virtual Agent Technology

Our solutions are designed to be customizable based on your objectives and here are some of the ways customers use our virtual agent technology.


Deliver live customer support:

Answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and provide personalized customer service, all at the touch of a button.


Drive sales with personalized conversations:

Engage with customers and deliver one to one messages, offers, and promotions to increase in-location sales.


Reduce workloads and save on staffing costs:

Deliver outstanding customer experiences with staff can be located anywhere – not just at your physical locations.

Custom Solutions Built For Every Industry

Choose your industry from the list below and see how our platform can be used to achieve your strategic objectives.

Virtual In-Location Agent — Powered by the Raydiant Experience Platform™

Raydiant’s Virtual in-Location Agent powered by our purpose-built operating system designed to help you create, manage, and scale in-location experiences on all your screens – from kiosks to TVs and everything in between.

Third Party Marketplace

Integrate your screens with your favorite third party tools such as Zoom, SoundtrackYourBrand, and hundreds of others.

Remote Screen Management

Manage all your screens from anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.

Advanced User Roles & Permissions

Fully-customizable access levels for specified content and screens for each individual on your team.

Easy Content Creation

Full access to our library of over 225,000 pre-made content templates to streamline your content creation process.

Ongoing, Automated Updates

We’re always hard at work building new features. Every time we do, you will instantly receive access.

Enterprise-Class Security

Top notch security to keep all your files, data, and content as secure as possible.

Live 24/7 Customer Support

Around the clock support, just in case


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