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Connect with customers in any of your locations with this interactive, virtual tool
designed for forward-thinking brick and mortars

Virtually assist and visit with customers in any store from a central location—be it your company headquarters or another store—using a Raydiant-powered TV or touch screen. Virtual Agent helps retailers and other customer-facing businesses offer personalized, real-time customer service that turns customers into loyal fans.

Service They’ll Remember You For

Live customer support at the touch of a button

When people need help, they want to speak to a real person. Virtual Agent makes it possible to be wherever your customers are—even many customers in multiple locations—with a communications tool that includes video conferencing through a TV or touch screen. Connect with customers face to face and in real time, giving them expert advice and help finding what they need.

Ahead-of-the-Pack Technology

Stay competitive and increase sales with a better customer experience

Brands are competing through better customer experience, but many are using the same methods to bring in new customers. Get innovative with your customer experience by offering in-location technology your customers haven’t yet seen. They’ll love the convenience and instant access of live customer support geared towards their specific needs. 

Make Your Screens Work for You

Multi-zoned screens provide more opportunities to engage customers

Use the main Virtual Agent screen for live video chats between your customers and service team, and the rest of the screen to promote your business. Share info on upcoming specials and sales, in-location events, and more on the top, side, and bottom of your screens. Push QR codes to customers so they can checkout or learn more about a product. You can even scroll live news and weather feeds to keep customers in the know. 

Same-Day Setup and Installation

Start using Virtual Agent immediately at any or all of your locations

No need to call in your IT team—Virtual Agent  installation and setup is easy and just takes a few seconds. Instead of the clunky hardware and complicated software of other technologies, our plug-and-play device installs instantly, and our interface is easy to navigate. You’ll be up and running and ready to connect with customers in just a few minutes!

How Can Businesses Benefit from Virtual Agent?

All businesses that serve the public can benefit from employing Virtual Agent in their physical locations. It elevates the customer experience by offering a convenient and highly personalized way to interact with your brand. Here are just a few examples of how different industries are using it to virtually visit with their customers.



Shoppers typically head for the closest store associate when they need help. But what if you’re understaffed or your best product expert works at another store? Virtual Agent helps customers connect with the right people on your team—wherever they are. And while you’re video chatting, use the screen to push personalized messages, like a QR code your customer can scan for checkout or to learn more. 


Provide your bank customers service with a smile—from teller-less terminals! Video-enabled banking terminals lets you continue to provide personal service while helping to alleviate your staff’s workload and saving on staffing costs. 

Healthcare Providers

Check in with patients, communicate with staff in other locations, and share important test results with specialists—all on the same screen and remotely. Virtual Agent helps doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers maintain a high standard of patient care, even in a virtual setting. It’s also an effective and easy communication tool that’s perfect for busy schedules.


Welcome guests, assist them with check-in, and offer concierge services—all from your lobby TV or touch screens. Enhance the guest experience with person-to-person communication via video chat and sharing on-screen messages (like an interactive hotel map with their room highlighted) to get them where they want to go. 

Property Management Groups

Take your self-showings up a notch by using a Raydiant-enabled TV or touch screen at your rental properties. Welcome prospective renters, answer questions, and even discuss pricing and other details—all via one-on-one video chat. Use the side screens to share details on other rentals they might like, upcoming open houses, and even a live news feed featuring the latest market headlines. 

Choose From Two Options:


Transform your TVs into interactive help screens in minutes. Just plug in the bundled camera, follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet, and you’re ready to go.


  • ScreenRay Pro w/ Ethernet & WiFi Connectivity (LTE Optional)
  • HD Camera
  • Clicker Remote


The Virtual Agent Tablet Hub (using a Microsoft touch screen) works right out of the box and can be placed anywhere where customers need it—including welcome desks and checkout counters. 


  • ScreenRay Pro w/ WiFi Connectivity (LTE Optional)
  • HD Camera

Give Customers Personalized Service, Wherever They Are

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