Raydiant App Certified Partnerby Zoom | Raydiant Certified App Partner

Raydiant brings one of the world’s most popular video conferencing platforms to the industry’s most advanced experience platform, making remote meetings easier and more effective than ever before.

Installs in seconds

Plug any approved webcam (there are dozens!) into your ScreenRay device, add Zoom to your Raydiant dashboard, and you’re ready to go. That’s it. No need to bother IT.

Sets your workspace free

Tired of losing productivity switching back and forth between Zoom meetings and your work screen? With Raydiant’s SecondScreen, you’ll have a separate screen just for meetings and collaboration—freeing up your workspace to use as you please.

Share your screen seamlessly

Sharing your work screen to a Raydiant display is as easy as it gets with Zoom for Raydiant. As soon as you share your screen with your Zoom meeting, it will appear on your display. Simple as that.

How we integrate

Connect your Zoom Video Conferencing account to your Raydiant Solution to easily huddle with employees, hold a conference between multiple locations, or even share your computer screen —all without having to juggle devices or figure out the office AV system.