The future of brick-and-mortar is physical and digital.

Whether shopping, dining, or traveling, experiences need to wow. Information needs to be accurate, personalized, and at your fingertips. And staff need to be knowledgeable and engaged. Today’s consumers expect the best out of their physical and digital experiences – and Raydiant is here to deliver.


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We’re leading the transformation of brick-and-mortar.

For too long, great in-location customer and employee experiences have been expensive to create, inefficient to manage, and difficult to measure and optimize. Raydiant is changing that by enabling the digital transformation of brick and mortar experiences. From a neighborhood boutique to a global franchise, our platform drives greater engagement, revenue, and loyalty.

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Raydiant empowers you to deliver powerful in-location experiences that drive revenue.



Easily design stunning branded content that engages customers and employees.


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Deploy content across hundreds of locations and manage it from a single dashboard.


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Promote your full offerings—from loyalty programs, to credit applications, to sales and events.


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Personalize your content to target customers and lift sales.


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Measure the performance of your content to constantly improve your in-location experience.


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So, what’s next?


We create experiences that inspire customers, engage employees, and drive revenue—wherever people eat, shop, and go.


Tap into the future of brick-and-mortar.

Learn from industry experts through consumer trend reports, market research, and conversations with leaders at the forefront.

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