Raydiant Programmatic Advertising


Gain entry to Raydiant’s premium inventory across our vast network of screens in various physical locations. Scale your omnichannel campaigns through digital out-of-home (DOOH) to expand your audience reach, target specific demographics, utilize detailed real-time reporting, and more


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Power of Programmatic DOOH

Programmatic unlocks to ability for data-driven targeting and measurement.  Create powerful and relevant campaigns that activate based on set conditions.  This allows advertisers to customize campaigns based on parameters to ensure that the right audience, time, and place are met

Examples of conditions may include time of day, weather, geofencing, mobile device data, demographics, dwell times, behaviors

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Advertiser Benefits
  • Easy accessibility to top DSPs

  • Ability to control targeting and venue types for accurate reach

  • Dynamic messaging with the ability to optimize in real time

  • Buy across multiple publishers at the same time

  • Robust real time reporting and report scheduling capabilities 

  • Utilize your enriched data sets to create highly targeted campaigns

Digital Signage Owner Benefits
  • Audience based impression delivery

  • Unique ad experiences to enrich customer experience

  • Create and monetize ad inventory for passive revenue

  • Efficiently deliver ads to maximize ad revenue

  • Transparent reporting on ad performance