Customer analytics: Your new competitive edge.

Finally, customer analytics software that uses AI to measure how digital signage impacts in-location sales for brick-and-mortar brands. Personalize the customer experience based on real-time customer demographics, and gain in-person data points to better understand customer behavior and buying trends.


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AI for Customer Experience

Leverage AI technology to automatically personalize screen content based on demographic information.

Customer analytics software for enterprise.

Personalize the shopping experience.


Create engaging, two-way customer conversations with AI-driven smart screens that adjust content in real-time based on demographic data.

50% of companies using customer analytics saw a marked increase in revenue


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Measure customer engagement.


Gain insights into what products customers pick up, what content draws their attention, and more to optimize digital marketing efforts.

Customers spend 40% more with a highly personalized shopping experience


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Privacy-compliant software.


Our AI-powered screens analyze dwell time, mood, attention rates, and customer demographics anonymously while maintaining customer privacy

Software compliant with all privacy regulations, GDPR, and SOC 2 Type 2


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Raydiant Customer Analytics Dashboard

Powered by the leading enterprise digital signage CMS.


Delightfully intuitive and accessible, our CMS enables operators to manage and control content from any device, anytime, anywhere.


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Play targeted content.

Understand how customers engage with interactive screens so you can create relevant, dynamic experiences, content, and messaging throughout your store.

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Detailed marketing insights.

Understand which campaigns resonate with your customers so you can optimize the scheduling of when and where content plays.

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Track conversion rates.

Measure conversion rates as customers move from digital signage to select brand zones or key promotional areas of your retail space.

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Built to scale.

Easily and remotely track customer analytics across thousands of cameras.

Features that wow.

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Raymond Sestig

Founder, Insightz

"The audience measurement technology has streamlined and simplified retail operations for many of our clients. The automated and accurate output of customer-centered information such as people-count, demographics, and customer satisfaction, has removed the struggle of gaining such in-store insight and feedback manually. There is no need to take guesses anymore, retailers can use the data to optimize their business and boost revenue."