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SOLUTIONS Workplace Digital Signage

Boost engagement with workplace digital signage.

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Increase productivity with workplace digital signage.


Engage employees for happier customers

Brands with highly engaged employees have 2x more customer loyalty


Prioritize clear communication

Good workplace communication increases productivity by up to 25%


Make staff feel appreciated

82% of employees believe recognition is a vital part of happiness at work

Employee engagement that works.


Place signage around the office

Opt for high visibility placement, whether in break rooms or other back office areas, and optimize the way you get your message across.


Create on-brand content

Choose from thousands of templates or design from scratch. Create on-brand announcements, updates, alerts, leaderboards, and more.


Schedule content playlists

Create content playlists that cycle through multiple pieces of content. Manage the duration of each display and easily swap out content as needed.


Enjoy increased productivity

Keep employees in the know, encourage friendly competition, and offer recognition and rewards to boost engagement and overall job satisfaction.

Raydiant Eat

Hold head-to-head competitions between franchises, shift leads, or across teams around new menu items or limited time offerings. Leverage food safety apps like Phenium, shift schedule apps like 7shifts and Employee Metrics, and operational apps like Bluedot or Tray to streamline pick-up and to-go orders.

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Raydiant Shop

Create competitions among commission-driven sales reps or locations to boost in-store sales. Use apps like Points & Rewards to recognize employees for their hard work. Leverage back office digital signage for video conferencing and training experiences, whether with corporate or other partners.

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Raydiant Go

Empower staff to create brilliant experiences for guests. Ensure all your shifts are covered with apps like 7shifts and Employee Metrics. Hold trainings with corporate through live video conferencing, and help employees feel connected across locations.

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Raydiant Create

Inform employees about the latest happenings in their industries to ensure they keep customer interests top of mind. Use workplace digital signage for video conferencing or workshops with the board, officials, corporate, or experts in the field.

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"After just one month, we saw a 17% increase in employees hitting their sales goals."
Henry Lam
Sales Operations Manager, Sunbit

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