Make multi-brand retail the destination and the experience.

Brick-and-mortar marketing is evolving. From ecommerce integrations to BOPIS options, the industry has entered a new era. Raydiant Shop boosts sales, engages customers, excites staff, and measures campaign effectiveness with solutions like AI-powered lift and learn technology, dynamic promotional signage, electronic shelf labels, and more — all measured through our customer analytics offering.


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Scott Emmons

Former Head of Innovation, Neiman Marcus

"Raydiant’s interactive displays engage our shoppers with the information they need to feel confident in their purchase, engage sales associates in the process and drive surprising sales lifts."

Why Raydiant for your multi-brand retail store?



lift in sales for gift purchases for retailers who used lift and learn technology



of companies who improved their customer experience increased their revenue



of customers are willing to spend more for a better customer experience




Make brands stand out.

Feature customers’ favorite brands on outdoor digital signage to draw them in, and help them discover new brands and products once they’re in-store.


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Design compelling displays.

From promotions to seasonal displays, create content from scratch or choose from thousands of templates to encourage customers to explore your offerings.


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Solutions-Content Management

Scalable content management.

Schedule content playlists in advance through our cloud-based platform. Manage content remotely, and push real-time changes to 10 locations or 10,000.



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Sell more with interactive shelf displays.

Retailers who use lift and learn technology see an average of 87% sales lift across skincare, handbags, electronics, and more. Trigger personalized content as customers interact with products to help them make real-time purchase decisions.


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Understand your customers.

Leverage AI to analyze how customers respond to different brands and product displays to optimize marketing strategies and store layout. Report back insights from OTS to dwell time, engagement & attention rates to brands who advertise via digital signage within your store.


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Streamline checkout.

Self-service kiosks are great for easy checkout options. Reduce lines, allow customers to browse a variety of products at their own pace, upsell seamlessly, and support the endless aisle.


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Feature-Employee Engagement

Keep your retail sales reps engaged.

Use friendly competition to see who can make the most sales, provide rewards and recognition for meeting goals, and communicate effectively to motivate retail employees and boost performance. Tap into video conferencing apps for product training and connection to your corporate team.


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