CAVA’s Andrew Rebhun on Getting to Know Your Customers and Community

On today’s episode of The QSR Experience Show, Bobby speaks with Andrew Rebhun, Chief Experience Officer at CAVA, a growing Mediterranean culinary brand. They discuss the ways in which CAVA engages and welcomes customers through menu customization, offering different ways to order, and locally-focused Community Days. They also talk about changing customer trends, how CAVA invests in developing leaders, and why it’s key to tell a great brand story.

Topics discussed:

  • How CAVA sets itself apart through its customizable experiences and high-quality ingredients.

  • How they engage customers in local markets through Community Days and by supporting non-profits.

  • CAVA’s approach to personalization through mobile ordering and its new app.

  • Changing customer trends and why QSRs need to nail the experience each time.

  • How CAVA empowers its employees and invests in their long-term training with a GM academy.

  • The process CAVA uses to choose where their next location will be.

  • Advice to QSR leaders on the importance of understanding decision impacts and telling a great brand story.

Guest Quotes:

“Community Days are really like a tradition that essentially allows customers to come into our restaurant. We treat them to a meal. We give them an opportunity to join us in supporting a local nonprofit, and it’s usually one that’s dedicated to food security and has deep ties to the community. It’s really a way that we can introduce ourselves. We found that once people try our food and experience the hospitality, they’re coming back for more.”

“A lot of it is about personalization and meeting customers where they want to have the product. Whether it be through mobile pickup, whether it be delivery, having that consistent experience is paramount to our success.”

“The incredible customer experience team at CAVA really makes sure that if one day we’re off, we have the opportunity to correct that quickly and do a tremendous job of making sure that guest feels welcome.”

“We’re going to continue to invest in our team members, equipping them with tools and training to make sure that they deliver those strong, positive, consistent, memorable experiences to allow them to run great restaurants.”

“Telling your brand story is very important. Craft a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience. Don’t try to be something you’re not.”

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