Raydiant App Certified Partnerby Tyme | Raydiant Certified App Partner

Tyme’s self-service kiosk app gives brick and mortars the competitive edge they need in today’s retail and restaurant marketplace. This multi-functional app lets customer-facing businesses create the in-location experience they and their customers want to see. Tyme’s dynamic interactive displays can be used to push promotions, teach customers about products and services in a self-guided way, offer customers the convenience of self-ordering and checkout, and more—all from one interface.

A kiosk customized for your business

In business today, it’s all about adaptability. Tyme lets you adapt to the needs of your business, and your customers, with a fully customizable in-location kiosk. This interactive display can be used as a marketing tool, a self-service kiosk, and more—it’s up to you. You can even switch it up, using the kiosk as a marketing display one day and a self-service checkout station another.

Interactive and engaging for customers

Customers love browsing and learning about products in their own time. Your Tyme kiosk gives them a self-guided tour of your brand offerings in a way that keeps them involved. It also helps them find what they need faster, and skip what doesn’t interest them. They get the convenience of a virtual concierge service, and you get to utilize your staff more effectively to help more customers.

Offer the convenience of self service

Self-service kiosks aren’t the wave of the future: they’re today’s reality. Customers have come to expect the higher level of convenience that self-ordering and -checkout provides. Your Tyme kiosk can be configured as a self-service kiosk only, or you can switch it to an interactive marketing display when you need to. Floor-standing and countertop options are both available, or you can use any Raydiant-enabled touchscreen as your kiosk.

Must-have technology for today's customers

As many as 77% of customers say they prefer shopping at brick and mortars offering self-service options. Self-service technology is a necessity for in-location businesses, both now and going forward. Today’s customer is used to the self-gratification of online shopping—getting what they want with a few clicks—and this spills over into the in-location experience. Tyme gives your customers this convenience, keeping you competitive in the process.

How we integrate

The Tyme app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and can be accessed and managed via the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers can use any Raydiant-enabled touchscreen as a kiosk; floor-standing and countertop kiosks are also available as an additional purchase. To learn more, book a free demo today.