Hotel Digital Signage Made Easy

When selecting a hotel, consumer buying decisions today are largely led by guest reviews. In fact, more than 33% of consumers will not book a hotel room without reading reviews first, making it all the more essential for hotels to manage their reputation by delivering sterling customer experiences and earning those five-star ratings. Digital signage can help with this quest, by offering hotel operators a multi-dispensary tool to digitally transform the customer experience.

Digital signage has evolved to become much more than just a greeting sign. It now has infinite capabilities and can be used for pretty much any use case thanks to the plethora of app integrations and technologies now compatible with it. Raydiant’s plug-and-play, digital signage solution provides hotels with a full suite of tools that make digital signage operation and management easy. Let’s take a look at how you can use it to elevate your hotel experiences, property-wide.

Guest Entertainment

Digital signage can provide a great source of entertainment in hotel settings. Raydiant’s high-definition screens can showcase movies, stream live TV, display tranquil drone footage, run games and quizzes for hotel guests, or play music that fits with your hotel ambiance and brand all using connected apps. Entertainment is a big driver in earning repeat customers, with 72% of hotel guests stating that they would return to a hotel if it had their preferred entertainment.

Guest Information

Hoteliers can offer their guests a seamless stay by keeping them up-to-date with useful hotel information in real-time. From on-site events to restaurant opening times to check-out reminders, weather updates, and more, guests can get all the important details they need to plan out their stay, made viewable on the big screen. Raydiant signage can also help guests wayfind local tourist attractions, restaurants, or hotspots, giving them step-by-step directions on how to get there, therefore benefitting both guests and staff, and freeing them up to deliver on other excellent services.

Guest Protection

Making your guests feel safe adds to their positive hotel experience. Using digital signage you can clearly communicate hotel safety policies, highlight the nearest emergency exits, and also display guidelines around social distancing, masks, and cleaning practices in times of a pandemic.

Hotel Digital Signage Made Easy

Raydiant’s Signage Solution

Our out-of-the-box signage solution provides hoteliers with everything they need to implement an effective digital signage network in their hotels. We provide everything from the screens themselves to content management all in one solution. With a built-in content editor, free templates, and access to 100+ applications, users have everything needed to help them achieve their signage goals.

Digital Signage Placement

The beauty of digital signage is that it comes in various shapes and sizes and can be placed anywhere. Your signage doesn’t have to be limited to the lobby but instead can be strategically placed throughout your entire premises. Below are a few ideas of where to add these signs.

  •  Lobby signage 

  • Elevator signage 

  • Spa signage 

  • Restaurant signage 

  • Hallway signage 

  • Gift shop window signage

  • In-room signage 

Measuring Guest Engagement

Using Raydiant’s AI-powered digital signage solution, hotel owners can analyze guest interactions and engagement with their on-premise signage, and understand which messages and promotions are being seen. With anonymously collected insights on the number of visitors viewing each piece of content, their attention spans, demographic breakdowns, and also their moods, hotel operators can effectively determine which content works best in getting guests to engage and also in evoking positive emotions to optimize future on-screen content.

Heighten your Hotel Space

Our in-location experience platform is designed to help you create, manage, and scale customized offline experiences that ensure you are getting the most out of your physical space.

By implementing smart signage into your hotel you will achieve higher guest satisfaction scores and in turn increase room rates making you more profit. 72% of travelers will choose a hotel with a higher guest review score over one with a brand name or a lower price. To get started and maximize your digital signage ROI, book a demo now.