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Wayfinding Pro

by Wayfinding Pro

Wayfinding Pro transforms floor plans into interactive wayfinding systems to help people get to where they need to go. The app supports multi-floor layouts and is ADA compliant, which means routes are customizable to fit a variety of needs. From hotels to malls, display Wayfinding Pro on Raydiant-powered digital signage or interactive touch screen kiosks to delight guests and shoppers with a brilliant, accessible, and easy-to-use wayfinding solution.

ADA-Compliant Routes 

Wayfinding Pro offers ADA-compliant routes, saving businesses time making accessibility a no-brainer. Simply click a button to see alternative options.

Time- and cost-effective 

Build and deploy wayfinding systems quickly, with little to no programming required. Wayfinding Pro does the heavy lifting, so offering interactive, transparent, and accessible floor plans is a breeze.

Customize with key features 

Make your wayfinding experience exactly what you want it to be. Incorporate your choice of multi-floor displays, indoor view photos, on-screen URLs or coupons, accessible routing, preferred path creation options, and more alongside other engaging content available through the Raydiant platform.

Elevate the customer experience

Take the stress out of navigating an unfamiliar space. Reduce confusion and save your patrons time by helping them easily and quickly locate the right building, store, or meeting room.

Drive users to explore new stores 

Advertise stores or promotions that shoppers might pass by on their routes. Spending more time browsing and discovering new brands means a higher chance of increased sales.

How we integrate

With Raydiant, easily queue up different types of content available on our App Marketplace. Create playlists to schedule rotating promotional content, upcoming social events, and new store openings. Even display a weather banner or newsfeed alongside Wayfinding Pro with Raydiant’s multi-zone feature. The options are endless.