Raydiant’s Olo Integration Simplifies Digital Menu Management for Hundreds of Restaurant Brands

Raydiant and Olo’s partnership brings two new apps to Raydiant’s App Marketplace: Olo Digital Menu and Olo Order Status. The digital menus integration allows Olo merchants to create, schedule, and manage digital menu boards from one centralized platform. Olo Order Status displays customer orders in real-time, conveniently displaying order numbers, estimated wait times, and when orders have been completed. These apps are designed to simplify back-end processes and make your restaurant(s) that much easier to manage. 

Create POS-powered, on-brand Olo digital menus 

With Raydiant’s Olo integration, create and manage engaging digital menu boards for your restaurant. Rather than static menus that require manual updates, dynamic digital menus automatically update to reflect the data from your point of sale (POS) system. Switching from static to digital menus has boosted sales, saved time, and increased customer satisfaction. Raydiant offers customizable templates or an on-brand menu API, where you have complete control over how your menus look. Use the API for 100% custom, on-brand menus for a consistent brand experience in one location or thousands. 

In addition, connect your POS system to your menus so that they update in real-time to reflect any changes made in the system, including pricing, product info, and availability. Any time you x86 a menu item or make a price change in your POS, your digital menus update instantly. Push changes to all your restaurants or to a few locations of your choice. 

Manage digital menus across 10 to 10,000 locations

No matter how many restaurants you have, make menu management seamless. Sync up all your restaurant locations at once through one, cloud-based platform. Through the Raydiant and Olo integration, create, manage, and scale menu content to grow with your business. With the capacity to support menu management across up to 10,000 locations, Raydiant is the perfect solution for nationwide chains and restaurants looking to expand their reach. Manage details like regional pricing, and daypart menus in accordance with local time zones to reflect breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. Simplify tedious backend processes to free up staff and maintain consistency in your digital menus.

Keep customers informed with Olo Order Status

Display real-time order status information on Raydiant digital signage to better both the customer and employee experience. Minimize crowding in waiting areas by providing clear visual displays of when orders are ready, and reduce the workload on staff who may otherwise need to field frequent customer inquiries about the order status. Streamline the order pickup process by ensuring customers know when orders have been completed. This helps customers plan their time accordingly and reduce frustration from waiting in line. Overall, displaying order status on digital signage in restaurants can enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

Schedule promotions alongside digital menus and order status displays

Showcase your Olo digital menu, and order status displays on the same screen as promotions, specials, and seasonal items. Use Raydiant’s multi-zone feature to share content that will tempt customers with deals and delicacies they can’t pass up. Create stunning visuals with apps such as PosterMyWall. Bring awareness to your promotions, and engage customers with marketing content while they’re waiting in line (which reduces perceived wait time by 35%). Schedule content playlists for a continuous, looping stream, and update or swap out content as needed. Increase customer engagement and boost sales while you’re at it.

Up your restaurant game with Raydiant and Olo

It’s time your restaurant got an upgrade. Improve the customer experience, increase sales, and streamline operations from an all-in-one management platform that scales according to your needs. Book a demo to learn more.