Introducing Raydiant’s On-Brand Digital Menu API

For many businesses and fast-casual restaurants, digital menus are nothing new. They’re easy to use, with clean, concise, neatly arranged screens that display menus in accurate, vibrant ways.

Plus, doing it all in real-time without the need for chalkboards, expensive cardboard printouts, or inefficient static signs is far more sustainable and cheaper in the long run. But despite these strengths, there was also a weakness: many restaurants found it challenging to create digital menus that represented their brand and fully integrated with their POS.

Today, though, our On-Brand Menu API allows restaurants to create on-brand digital menu boards that update dynamically through Raydiant’s POS integrations, including Toast, and coming soon, SquareCloverRevelPAR Brink, and TRAY.

What is an On-Brand Digital Menu

As this menu technology evolved and the pandemic unfolded, customers’ expectations when ordering changed dramatically. Suddenly, they looked to touchless methods, offering mouth-watering pictures and videos of menu items. At the same time, restaurants wanted to give their customers easy ways to order, depicting accurate prices and updated inventory availability, all integrated with their POS. This level of automation proved difficult considering traditional signage methods. After all, cardboard signs can’t be updated in real-time. 


Raydiant’s On-Brand Menu API solves these needs by providing restaurants with 100% custom, brandable menus powered by point of sale data. Now, menus will look like your brand without the need to customize individual screens or each piece of hardware. Slick and powerful, control what your menus look like all through the Raydiant app, straight from your laptop (or couch!).

How to Elevate Your Restaurant with On-Brand Menu API

Using the connected On-Brand Menu API provided by Raydiant, your front-end web developer can create the on-brand menu that completely conforms to existing brand guidelines. And while Raydiant’s digital signage displays the content, your platform hosts the web app. Raydiant also provides API and connector support, developer documentation, sample apps, and a way to manage all of your API keys.


Once active, you’ll control real-time inventory availability, pricing changes, and calorie information on your digital menus directly from within your POS. With our uniquely manageable layout, utilize any font on any word, even mixing and matching fonts within headers and menu items. Restaurants can even implement background images, item images, videos, and animations – keeping companies on-brand, on-style, and fully engaging.

Benefits of an On-Brand Menu API

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! By connecting to your POS and managing menu updates, our API makes it easy for your web developer to build the web menu app. What used to take weeks now takes just a few days. And from there, your menus run on autopilot.

You also have 100% artistic control over the digital menu. This type of control ensures adherence to corporate brand standards and a consistent omnichannel experience for your customers. This consistency will undoubtedly improve customer adoption, loyalty, retention, and ultimately, the customer’s overall lifetime value.


Whether you have ten locations or 10,000, Raydiant creates a seamless experience. By integrating Raydiant with your POS, menus reflect, in real-time, pricing updates, out-of-stock items, or when something is 86ed. 

Looking to boost sales by promoting “Limited Time Offers?” Or just moving items to a more prominent location on the menu board? Or perhaps you’re looking to reduce prices for special sales? With just a couple of clicks, we’ve got it covered.

Raydiant’s On-Brand Menu API allows restaurants to control their digital signage while knowing it’s seamlessly integrated with their POS. Let Raydiant do the heavy lifting, so you’re free to focus on what matters most.