Dining Experience Management For Restaurants

Deliver elevated dining experiences that will keep your guests engaged, informed and entertained, all from one platform.

All your screens, powered by one powerful platform.

experiential platform for restaurants

Why do in-location experiences matter for restaurants?

In-location experiences are how you engage your guests and increase the ROI of each and every visit.

Digital signage solutions provide a seamless connection to your online marketing efforts and ensure that every step of their customer journey is memorable, on-brand, and optimized to have the highest impact possible on your restaurant’s revenue and sales objectives.

The Experience Platform

Our in-location customer experience platform is designed to help you create, manage, and scale customized offline experiences that ensure you are getting the most out of your physical restaurant locations. Digital signage also helps decreasing the cost of operations as you can update all the content remotely across multiple locations with a few simple clicks.

  1. Plug and Play Restaurant Digital Signage
  2. Interactive Self-Service Kiosks
  3. Virtual In-Location Agents

Plug and Play Restaurant Digital Signage


  • Designed to scale — supports 1 to 100,000+ digital screens and displays
  • Manage your restaurant screens in one place, from anywhere
  • Connect to your digital signage network via WiFi, Ethernet or with LTE

Interactive Self-Service Kiosks


  • Ready for commerce — process orders directly
  • Create personalized on-screen experiences
  • A no-pressure way to reach more customers

Virtual In-Location Agents


  • Use for virtual sales, support, and concierge services
  • Connect with customers face-to-face – from anywhere
  • Deliver personalized QR codes with product information, offers, and more

What Types of Experiences Can You Deliver to Your Guests?

Entice your restaurant customers with mouth-watering and eye-catching HD photos and videos displayed across your digital menu boards, all managed remotely.

Drive additional revenue and grow your restaurant business with digital signage by promoting special offers, discounts, and custom QR codes directly to guests as they dine.

Use digital signage to catch the eye of people walking by and pull them into your restaurant with engaging, timely, and irresistible calls to actions.

Offer guests the option of a seamless contactless checkout experience with digital signage software.

Entertain your restaurant guests as they wait for their orders with interactive screens right from their table.

Make curbside pickup seamless and quick so you can keep orders flowing.

Keep restaurant guests informed about your latest policies and steps you are taking to keep them safe and healthy.

How it works:


Step 1

Use our Interactive Kiosk Tablet or plug the ScreenRay device into your existing TVs (Connect via Wifi, Internet, or through our LTE- Enabled hardware).


Step 2

Upload content, choose the features that you want to utilize, and use your Experience Builder to quickly get up and running.


Step 3

Push your experience out into the world with digital signage.


Step 4

Manage your in – location experience at scale from one place: the Experience Platform.

Ready to Take Your Dining Experience to the Next Level?

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Core Features That Restaurants Love

Third Party Marketplace

Integrate your digital restaurant screens with your favorite third party tools and applications such as Zoom, SoundtrackYourBrand, and hundreds of others by using Raydiant’s powerful digital signage software.

Easy Content Creation

Full access to our library of over 225,000 pre-made content and digital menu board templates to streamline your content creation process and update your easy to read digital menus in real time.

Remote Screen Management

Manage all your restaurant screens and screen content from nearly anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection. Update your digital signage remotely and instantly.

Advanced User Roles & Permissions

Fully-customizable access levels for specified content and screens for each individual on your team to help you improve restaurant operations and employee communications. Take control of your digital signage today!

Live 24/7 Customer Support

Around the clock digital signage support, just in case

Enterprise-Class Security

Top notch security to keep all your files, data, and content as secure as possible.

Ongoing, Automated Updates

We’re always hard at work building new features for our digital signage solution. Every time we do, you will instantly receive access.


Bring a personalized digital experience into your restaurant location(s) at scale with interactive marketing technology provided by digital signage network.

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