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Raydiant’s easy-to-use, cloud-based digital signage platform for restaurants helps you add whole new dimensions to your dining experience. Entice customers with mouth-watering HD photos and videos, use mood-based playlists to create the perfect dining atmosphere, and take your curbside business to the next level with digital menu window displays—all with one simple platform you can access from anywhere.

Remote Management Made Easy

Restaurant owners may seem like they can be everywhere at once, but with Raydiant’s easy-to-use digital signage platform, there’s no need to be. You can access the platform on any device to update menus, flash promotions, or even change in-location music—whether you’re at your desk, in a busy kitchen, or seated comfortably on your couch at home. Change and update your content seamlessly from anywhere.

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Updates Instantly

A whopping 80% of diners say it’s important to see a menu before choosing somewhere to eat1. Keeping your online menus up-to-date and consistent with your in-store menus has never been more important. With the help of Raydiant, however, it’s also never been easier. Update all of your menus–online and in person–with one single action. Share a new product offer or promote discounted products instantly with our restaurant digital signage solutions.

Scales Effortlessly

Raydiant is the top restaurant signage solution whether you’ve got one location or forty. No matter how many screens you have in your network, you can manage them all in real time from one central location. Our digital signage software helps restaurant businesses grow at scale.

Provides Music, Too

Not just for pretty pictures, Raydiant also supports high-definition audio. Use our Soundtrack My Brand app to create the perfect ambiance for your diners. Explore a 50 million-song library and hundreds of specially curated soundtracks designed to fit just the right mood. Entertain your guests while they are waiting for their food to enrich their experience.

Spend less time working for your business so you can spend more time working on your business. With its intuitive user interface and a marketplace full of apps designed to take the legwork out of resource-consuming tasks, Raydiant liberates you from the daily slog. You’re then free to focus on growing your restaurant business.

How to Use Raydiant's Digital Signage in Your Restaurant

Dynamic Menu Boards

Create attractive, easy-to-read digital menu boards that can be updated in an instant. Create engaging content with eye-catching, vivid, and high-quality images of your delicious food. Run out of an item in the middle of a rush? No problem. Just hop onto the Raydiant’s digital signage platform from any device anywhere and update your menus with a click of a button.

Safety Notices and Protocols

When the need arises, let people know you’re taking every step to ensure the health of your customers, staff, and community. Use one of over 150,000 drag-and-drop templates to create vivid messaging for the front or back of house that clearly states your commitment to safe preparation, service, and public health standards. You can even show safety training videos to catch employees up on new procedures or equipment using our restaurant digital signage.

Curbside Pickup Boards

Keep your takeout service smooth and efficient with a digital curbside pickup board. Mounted outside your restaurant, you can create attractive signage that can display a menu, order status, queuing information, and even entertainment for hungry diners waiting on their order. Digital signage improves the customer experience by significantly reducing perceived wait times.

This seasonal pizzeria uses Raydiant to boost brand awareness, bring locals and tourists together, and make extra revenue with ad space.

How Raydiant Can Help Your Restaurant Thrive


Keep your restaurant's menus current and consistent across multiple locations and online.


Display health and safety protocols for customers and employees.


Prominently feature daily specials and other promotions.


Easily build clear and consistent branding between locations.


Show off your Instagram feed on screen and get more followers, likes, and shares.


Use HD photos and videos as “decor” for special events and holidays.

Ready to Take Your Dining Experience Up a Few Notches?

It’s amazing what a tiny little box and one flat monthly fee can do for your restaurant. Book a demo or try Raydiant risk-free today.

Famous restaurant chain, Wahlburgers, uses Raydiant to improve their dine-in customer experience with “real-life” interactions and vivid promotional displays.

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