Sports Fans

Never miss a moment! If you’re a brewery, family restaurant or sports bar, this collection’s for you.

Never miss a moment! If you’re a brewery, family restaurant, or sports bar, this collection is for you. Browse apps providing live sports, streaming high school games, entertaining trivia questions, and dynamic beer menus for guests. No matter the sports season, we have you and your biggest fans covered.

Show me the stats

Browse apps that are built to entertain sports fans of all kinds. Stream real-time high school sports scores to keep your community connected to their local rising stars. Stream curated sports video streams so fans never miss a highlight. And entertain with bar trivia, polls and quizzes to keep the conversation flowing through the next order of buffalo wings.

Never run out of the favorites they crave

Browse apps that are built for streamlining your back of house operations. From monitoring keg levels and dynamically 86ing menu items when you run out of stock, to food safety apps that reduce the stress (and waste) in your kitchens, we’ve got you covered.

Celebrate your team’s victories, big and small

Browse apps that are built to celebrate and motivate your MVPs - your hard-working bar and restaurant employees. Showcase new menu items, shift schedules and host virtual trainings with beer makers and vendors through back office signage apps. And run contests to track who’s sold the most new menu item, or rang up the most sales during the big game.