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Raydiant App Certified Partnerby Barvanna | Raydiant Certified App Partner

Barvanna is a streaming sports, games, and entertainment network designed to improve customer engagement and sales for bars, restaurants, and other pubic-facing businesses. Barvanna offers fast-paced sports videos, trivia questions, on-screen games, and conversation starters as a way for businesses to capture and keep the attention of their in-location customers. The network’s endless stream of short-form content is proven to draw more customers, increase dwell time (and purchases), and improve repeat business.


A network designed to engage customers

In our online world, customers go shopping and dining in person for the experience. And today’s brick and mortars—whether it’s a sports bar, retail store, spa, or any place catering to the public—know their bottom line relies on a better customer experience. Barvanna gives brick and mortars a streaming network of exciting content to attract more customers and keep them engaged and entertained.


Increase revenue and return customers

Customers who are having a good time tend to shop the racks longer or order that second drink or dessert. Barvanna is the tool that gets—and keeps—them invested during their visit. From fun videos they can watch as they eat to trivia games they can play with their friends, they have one more reason to linger at your location. (And one more reason to make it their new favorite shopping or dining hotspot.)


Entertain while pushing promos

Don’t choose between wowing customers with fun content and pushing promotions—do both! Barvanna lets you upload promotional content so you can play it on your top, bottom, or side screen while your entertainment stays center screen. Want to share your happy hour specials while displaying your pub trivia questions? Or tease an upcoming sale as you show off the latest sports video mashup? Barvanna lets you do it all—and simultaneously.


Easy, automated in-location entertainment

You know what your customers like better than anyone, and Barvanna lets you customize your content to fit your audience. You can even display news and weather feeds and other information on your side, top, or bottom screen, leaving your main screen free for entertainment. This set-and-forget system keeps your customers engaged so you can go about running your business.

How we integrate

The Barvanna app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a Barvanna subscription have instant access to Barvanna’s vast network of fun and entertaining content for displaying on their Raydiant-enabled screens. For more information, book a free demo today.