by TapHunter

Turn your bar, brewery, cocktail lounge, or restaurant TV screen into a beer lover’s dream with TapHunter. Now available on the Raydiant app marketplace, TapHunter lets you list local and national beer rankings on live leaderboards that educate your patrons on the beers they love, and those they’ve heard of and are eager to try. These beer leaderboards can also be used to promote your own craft beers, local brews, and current promotions, and are easily updated and managed via the Raydiant dashboard.

Display local and nationwide beer rankings

With craft beer and microbreweries more popular than ever, customers are constantly looking at what’s trending, and what’s next. Now you can show a listing of the top-ranked beers in the world, US, or in your own state or region. TapHunter’s leaderboards let you fill them in on what the experts think—everything from the brewery that makes it to the number ranking in the list.

Get them enthused about your brews

Got your own brews to sell? Let your customers know about them! TapHunter leaderboards are a highly visual way to advertise them. Easily import your own images, descriptions, and other information to your leaderboards. And when you’re ready to add a new or promotional drink, you can do it from your smartphone, whether you’re at work or elsewhere.

Choose or customize your design

TapHunter has tons of designer templates you can use to make beer lists that match your brand. Their intuitive design dashboard makes it easy to edit menu designs, so you can customize everything to match your aesthetic. Change fonts, type sizes and colors, and add pre-set or your own imagery or logo as a background. The possibilities are endless, and easy to incorporate!

Set, schedule, and update in seconds

Want to switch your beer leaderboard to a holiday theme? Add special promotional pricing, or limited-time brews? Take a brew off the board, or add your newest stout or IPA? Simply log into your Raydiant dashboard, access the TapHunter app, and start making screen changes. When you’re ready to save them, your leaderboard updates in seconds so your customers are always in the know.

How we integrate

The TapHunter app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a TapHunter subscription can use their Raydiant-enabled screens, at one or more of their locations, as beer leaderboards using TapHunter’s pre-designed and customizable templates. For more information, book a free demo today.