Points & Rewards

by Raydiant

Raydiant is proud to offer an extensive points system with an available rewards store - employee recognition with tangible results. Recognition is key to high performance. Recognition with rewards creates excitement, draws out the best that employees have to offer, and motivates teams toward optimal performance. Implementing your own rewards solutions can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and difficult to organize. Let Raydiant by Raydiant’s rewards solutions meet your needs and motivate your employees. Our system can be customized to meet your company’s needs, and we will complete the installation for you – to YOUR satisfaction. No need to spend time maintaining your own rewards system. We can customize the catalog your employees see and even provide branded rewards that allow employees to demonstrate their loyalty and pride in being part of your team.

Become an attractive, competitive employer, engage FTF and remote employees, and motivate peak performance

Creating a seamless, transparent work experience with clear goals and expectations, that is laser-focused on performance is key to meeting the challenges of recruitment and retention in the present marketplace. Recognizing and rewarding employee success based on those goals is critical to both recruitment and retention. Nearly 70% of employees polled stated that recognition is key to workplace satisfaction, while 40% note that more recognition would energize their work and encourage them to give their best. Raydiant’s new Points & Rewards system can help you provide the recognition your employees crave.

Recognition is arguably the most important component of employee success because it routinely reinforces positive behaviors. Raydiant’s publicly displayed leaderboards drive employee motivation. Employees view their progress in real time, noticing which metrics they’re hitting best, and which ones need a little more work. Points that can be redeemed for real-world rewards ignite individual and team performance through automatic, tangible recognition of success.

Raydiant's sports-style leaderboards make it easy to track individual and team progress in an exciting visual format. Employers with an active Raydiant account can display key metrics and empower teams and individuals to see at a glance where they stand and what they need to do to win. Now they can motivate individual and team performance by awarding points to those who meet and exceed established goals. Points can be used by employees to redeem real goods from our catalog containing thousands of rewards options from gift cards to electronics and vacations. Employees select those rewards that best meet their desires, then work hard to achieve them.


Gamification, by definition, is the use of modern game mechanics to boost internal motivation in order to accomplish goals. Gamification is increasingly the go-to method by which marketers, thought leaders, and even businesses are driving growth and productivity. Raydiant’s Points & Rewards system now makes it easy to recognize and reward individual and team progress in our gamification platform in an exciting, tangible way. Employees can see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win, then select rewards and redeem them using earned points.

How do integrate

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the recruitment and retention of skilled employees can rely on Raydiant for integrative, customizable solutions for employee experience platforms that meet their present and future needs. Whether you want to supercharge your sales culture, recognize your top performers, or are just looking for a way to engage a new generation of employees, Raydiant’s Points & Rewards system can help. Our platform taps into your teams’ natural competitive spirit while points inspire everyone to peak performance.