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Bringing the best in digital signage and in-location customer experience with the best in digital menu solutions, Raydiant’s Toast integration is a comprehensive solution for restaurants everywhere. From dine-in and outdoor dining services to delivery, takeout, and curbside, Toast powers it all effortlessly, creating a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant staff. Add Toast to Raydiant’s already extensive functionality, and you get a system made for the rigors of restaurant management.

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Manage digital menus and drive-thru screens

The Toast app allows you to manage digital menu boards, drive-thru screens in one or more locations from one place. Now you can add menu items, change pricing, set holiday and happy hour menus, and more from the Raydiant dashboard. Updates can be made in seconds from this cloud-based interface, and are live in seconds on your screens. Running out of an ingredient? Take it off your menus instantly. Making a last-minute promotion? Program your screens immediately—and from any device or location.

Integrate with your POS and self-service screens

Integrate your POS system with the Toast app for better functionality. Now you can create on-screen QR codes for scan-and-go ordering and payment, update your inventory digitally so you always have what you need, and offer mobile and other contactless transactions to your customers. On the back end, Toast integrates with your POS to offer added functionality like payroll and accounting options. On the front end, you have Toast and Raydiant to power your promotional digital posters, social walls, custom background music, and other in-location upgrades to inform, engage, and delight your customers.

Power digital ordering, curbside, takeout, and delivery options

With Toast, you can do anything. Not only does it support dine-in operations, but the app helps you power all the working parts of your dine-out services. Mobile payments, scan-and-go ordering and payments, curbside and takeout signage, and more are all possible with Toast. From creating signage with instructions for curbside customers and third-party deliver drivers to making gorgeous displays and digital menu boards for outdoor dining, you have everything you need to engage customers, wherever they interact with you.

Remotely manage it all from one interface

Sick of driving to each of your locations to switch out your signage? Save the trip and your gas money with Raydiant’s cloud-based platform, which you can manage from anywhere. Change out and schedule menu boards, check your inventory, and create beautiful holiday and special event signage from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are. Raydiant’s interface, including the Toast app, is accessible via any internet-connected device, be it your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

How do we integrate

Raydiant integrates directly with your Toast POS to dynamically update your digital menus in real time. Items, prices, and out of stock items are all updated based on changes in Toast. Customize with our powerful theme editor.