by Raydiant

RaydiantTV is the first-of-its-kind streaming video solution for brick-and-mortar. With ten channels and thousands of semi-live broadcasts to choose from, RaydiantTV is a cable-less app that makes it easier to manage streaming video content on multiple screens from just one device. The app is part of the Raydiant ecosystem, meaning you can schedule other content within your Raydiant playlists between breaks in your video stream (promo messages, social media feeds, and more!).

Entertainment made convenient

RaydiantTV hosts ten unique channels that range from Bevs & Bites to Travel Escapes. With the power to choose whether the content plays in a repeating loop or updates continuously, you don’t have to worry about flipping through channels to find the right one. You can also set the duration of channels; for example, broadcast weather reports in the morning and sports in the afternoon. Spend less time curating the video content you want and more time with customers.

Cloud-based management of your streaming content

Manually juggling multiple screens is an unnecessary hassle. RaydiantTV lets you manage curated streaming video content across 10 to 10,000 screens and locations from one, centralized dashboard. You have access to high-quality, semi-live content that is updated every few minutes, and you can instantly make any changes to your broadcast. RaydiantTV is designed to scale with your business. The best part? No bulky cable boxes needed.
Partnering with Raydiant means you don’t have to pick just one type of content to play on your screens - schedule a variety of content to play in the order you choose - maybe that’s 10 min of RaydiantTV streaming video followed by your happy hour specials or a social media feed of your latest #cravings content from raving fans. The world is your (content marketing) oyster!

Create a better in-location experience

Research shows that 82% of consumers are more likely to return to a physical establishment after a positive in-location experience. What better way to keep customers engaged and entertained than through streaming video content? Entertain guests waiting for their doctor’s appointment or upcoming flight. Set a serene mood while guests are getting ready for their spa appointment. And keep the kids entertained at your family-friendly restaurant. No matter your brick-and-mortar setup, there’s a curated video channel with your name on it. And for your employees? RaydiantTV paired with our powerful content management system means less time spent flipping channels, more quality time to spend with your guests.

How we integrate

RaydiantTV is now available as an app within our experience platform and can be accessed through your Raydiant dashboard. RaydiantTV can be used in conjunction with other apps in the app library — add RaydiantTV to an existing playlist and loop between streaming video content, promotions, digital menus, QR codes, and more. If you’re not already a Raydiant customer, request a free demo to learn more.