10 Reasons You Should Put Your Restaurant Menu on TVs

Let’s face it: the restaurant business is fiercely competitive. When looking for a place to eat, people have a dizzying amount of choices. How do you capture their attention the second they walk through your door? And how do you provide positive customer experience, turning them into repeat customers?

Displaying your restaurant menu on a TV screen using Raydiant’s innovative technology has many benefits. 

Here are just 10 of them:

1. Boost Sales with an Eye-Catching First Impression

Studies have found that more people view digital displays in public than on the internet! Your prime audience (and future advertisers) are walking through your door daily. Grab their attention with a digital menu board filled with color, videos, and animations using Raydiant’s Menus app. Your digital menu board is part information, part advertising. Like any digital signage, it’s an effective way to entice customers. In fact, restaurants have seen an average 3%-5% increase in revenue by using digital menu boards.

2. Instantly Update Your Menu to Save Time and Printing Costs

With traditional menu boards, changing anything is a hassle. You can pay a designer top dollar every time it needs updating (which can be frequently). And let’s not even talk about printing costs! Or you can use paper to cover menu items and add new ones (not exactly professional-looking). Why not make menu changes instantly and easily using our Menus app?

Want to remove or add seasonal dishes? Sure thing. Want to adjust menu prices? Easy. Re-branding your restaurant with a whole new design? No problem—just upload your newly designed digital menu on our app.

3. Schedule Menus to Change Automatically for Uninterrupted Sales

Switch from breakfast to lunch menus with no downtime using our Menus app. Schedule your digital menu boards to change at set times so that they are always current. No more stopping during a busy lunch crowd to change clunky menu signs. No more customers trying to order an omelet at dinner. Your customers will only see the menu for that time of day. No more confusion or misunderstandings on availability or price.

4. Extend Advertising Reach by Promoting New Items and Events

Special of the day? Happy hour? New and seasonal fare? Promote them on your digital menu board in full color! Display pictures and custom graphics using Raydiant’s Pictures app, which supports the most common graphic files. Or use our Videos app to share a promotional video with customers in line.

One study found that there was a whopping 33% increase in sales after the implementation of digital signage. Why not take advantage of free advertising and a captive audience? And what better way to keep customers distracted from thinking about wait times than a vibrant digital ad?

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction by Making Wait Times Fly By

Digital signs have been proven to decrease a customer’s perceived wait time by 35%. How so? Engaging visuals and bright, colorful graphics make digital menu boards enticing. Customers who come in hungry first get a visual feast as a promise to come. Digital menu boards also get customers excited as they plan what to order while waiting in line. All of this keeps the customer busy and entertained while they wait.

6. Make Menus More Readable for Better Sales

Customers won’t care if your tikka masala is on point if they can’t read the menu! Displaying digital menu boards in your restaurant eliminates this problem. Control the size of your graphics and display—you have full control with Raydiant apps. Large TV or small, one or several, make your digital menu boards work in your space.

7. Improve Order Times with a More Visible Menu

An easy-to-see, easy-to-read menu takes the guesswork out of ordering. Customers can see a digital menu board clearly and decide what to order faster. The smoother the ordering process, the faster the line. Faster lines mean shorter wait times and happy customers. And happy customers mean repeat customers and positive online reviews.

8. Raise Sales with Gorgeous, High-Res Visuals

Research has found that digital signs are 400% more likely to be viewed than static signs. And changing up your digital menu board’s visuals will capture even more eyes. You can easily upload new graphics and videos, even creating a rotating library that changes with the season.  

Use Raydiant technology to share high-res food images. Upload mouth-watering videos of food being prepared. We eat with our eyes first, so use your digital menu boards to give your customers a taste of what’s to come—it will get them coming back for more!

9. Establish Customer Loyalty by Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

Everything in your restaurant should fit your brand—and a digital menu board is no different. Digital menu boards can be used to display logos and brand-centric graphics. Restaurant staff can use digital menu boards as references and upsell opportunities. And a digital menu board helps your customers to connect directly to your brand.

10. Stand Out From Your Competition with the Latest Technology

From Wi-Fi to mobile payments, using the latest technology is imperative to keep your restaurant relevant. Customers want the convenience of modern technology throughout their dining experience. Using digital menu boards shows them that you are technologically savvy. They will know they can trust you to meet their needs, from ordering all the way to picking up the check. 

Why Choose Raydiant for Your Digital Menu Displays?

Raydiant has helped restaurants across the nation create attention-grabbing digital displays. With our advanced, easy-to-use technology, we make it easy for you to turn your TVs instantly into digital menu boards. Raydiant apps will help you to update and manage your digital menus. Promotional and seasonal content and new menus and announcements are easy to add and schedule.

More Reasons to Try Raydiant

Raydiant technology helps restaurants, retailers, hotels, gyms, and other businesses create memorable visual displays. From digital ads to live event calendars, our user-friendly technology helps you to display memorable digital signage in a dynamic way. Set up is easy—just plug into your TV and follow the onscreen setup instructions. Once set up, you can conveniently access and manage your device from any computer using the internet.

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