Hoopla for Raydiant brings a groundbreaking real-time performance management and motivation solution to your digital signage network. Create challenges, celebrate achievements, and display them throughout your entire Raydiant network with ease.

Hoopla Integration Overview

  • Motivate Employees With Healthy Competition

    Hoopla takes stressful sales competitions and turns them into fun, game-like challenges. Put team members head-to-head in a battle, create a tournament, or hold a sales race. Hoopla visualizes results in real-time with attractive graphics that get everyone in on the action.

  • Celebrate Achievements, Recognize Performance

    With automatically-generated leaderboards and progress updates, Hoopla gives you a simple, hands-free way to publicly recognize your best performers. Not only will this encourage your team to achieve more, but it can also help them put their own performance into context.

  • Automate Data Integration

    Spend less time fussing over your data and more time using it to fuel your business. Hoopla imports data from your spreadsheets, CRM, MAS, and more and integrates into your performance charts, helping you easily spot trends and generate simple, clear visual representations of your key metrics.

  • Stay Connected, Even Remotely

    Hoopla helps keep your team close and motivated even when you can’t be in the office together. Distribute contests, celebrations, data, and more through in-office channels like digital signage, and through the web and even apps. Raydiant and Hoopla aren’t just for your office digital screens either. Now, with our custom pre-configured Surface Go 2 tablets, you can give employees a second screen at home just for Raydiant so you can stay connected without taking over their home work station.

How Hoopla Integrates With Raydiant

Raydiant gives you a powerful, centralized, remotely-managed platform for distributing Hoopla’s graphics and presentations across your business’ digital signage network. With Raydiant, you can schedule your Hoopla content, deploy it across your entire network, and incorporate it into stunning presentations from anywhere in the world, any time you want.



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