Boost sales and engage customers with this unique, interactive technology

Kiosk customizes your self-service and interactive displays for an elevated in-location experience

The demand for in-location technology is on the rise, with 69% of customers saying they are more likely to make in-store purchases if provided self-help kiosks and interactive displays. Restaurants report a 21% increase in order size, or at least $5 more per transaction when using self-service kiosks. People love interactive displays because they fast track the ordering and buying process and provide a no-pressure way to learn about a brand’s products and services. Here are some ways that our Kiosk touch-screen technology will elevate your in-location experience.

Create Better Engagement Through Personalization

Design a touch interface as unique as your customers

Nobody knows your customers like you do. And since 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand who offers personalized service—and 49% of buyers make impulse buys as a result—it’s a crucial part of your customer experience. Kiosk lets you create personalized on-screen experiences that delight, inform, and entertain your customers. Design your screen’s appearance using one of our attractive templates, which include easy design tools that let you change screen and button colors, add special overlays and animations, and much more.

A No-Pressure Way to Reach More Customers

No more hard sells—let Kiosk do the selling for you

A recent study showed that 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. Kiosk gives customers a chance to interact with your brand in real life, and without the social pressure of speaking to a representative. Kiosk lets customers choose how they want to connect with your company, learn about your products and services, and navigate directly to what interests them. It gives them a chance to find out what you have to offer in an organic way that’s both engaging and fun.

Easily Manage Multiple Kiosks

Create, schedule, and update multiple touch screens from one interface

Keep your messaging on point and consistent across all Kiosk screens by managing them all from one place. Raydiant’s cloud-based interface can be accessed from any internet-connected device, letting you update your on-screen design, change your content, add new features, and more. Whether you have one touch screen or many—or multiple screens in multiple locations—you only need to make changes in one place. Plus, unlike other self-service interfaces, Kiosk lets you schedule content so that it changes at set times (for example, a lunch menu at 11am and a dinner menu at 5pm).

Protect Public Health

Reduce the spread of disease with the Raydiant kiosk

Raydiant’s Kiosk screens are available with an optional antimicrobial film that reduces bacteria growth to slow the spread of disease. This is a great way to offer touch technology to the public at a significantly reduced risk while putting both customers and employees at ease when using a touch screen in a public place.

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