5 Must-Have Apps for Fast Casual Restaurant Owners

Fast casual restaurants continue to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They’re convenient, perfect for lunch breaks or a quick dinner, and won’t break the bank. But with so many options out there, how can restaurant or franchise owners make their establishments stand out?

To beat the competition, a restaurant must create an exceptional customer experience — delicious food, fast service, and atmosphere are just a few things to consider. Luckily, our App Marketplace is here to help. Below are 5 of the best apps for restaurant owners in the fast casual industry.

5 Must-Have Apps for Fast Casual Restaurant Owners


These are the best restaurant management apps for smooth sailing in your back-of-house. They tackle food safety and to-go order processes to bring efficiency to your customers and employees.


Obviously, food is the most important thing at any restaurant. Phenium enables food safety monitoring by providing real-time fridge and freezer temperature information, sending out alerts if something is off, and displaying checklists to help employees stay on top of their tasks. Instead of having to constantly check on fridges or finding out food went bad, let Phenium’s food safety technology keep track of temperatures and prevent food from spoiling in the first place. Reduce food waste and give employees one less thing to worry about.


Fast casual customers demand efficient pick-up and drive-thru options. But with both dine-in and to-go customers, things can quickly become hectic — especially during lunch or dinner rushes. Preparing to-go orders for customers that won’t arrive for another 20 minutes (or at all) increases wait times for in-person diners. Using geofencing software, Bluedot notifies back-of-house staff when a customer is nearby. Employees can focus on fulfilling dine-in orders until it makes sense to prepare to-go orders. This also ensures the food for pick-up is at its freshest — less time sitting on the counter means no more soggy sandwiches or bloated pasta.


Give your customers the gift of convenience with up-to-date digital menu boards and self-service checkout. Below are our favorite apps for your front-of-house.

Square Digital Menus

Digital menu boards are a must-have for the fast casual experience. They’re engaging, readable, and easy to update. With Square Digital Menus, you can integrate data from your Square POS system with your menus. Change pricing, item descriptions, or availability in the POS system to instantly update digital menus. You can also schedule different menus to display during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This integration allows customers to have the most up-to-date information, saves employees time they might have spent manually updating menus, and makes your fast casual joint more efficient.


The Tyme app paired with Raydiant’s kiosks are a match made in fast casual heaven. Many choose fast casual restaurants for their speed and efficiency, so self-service checkout options are non-negotiable. Kiosks boost sales, reduce lines, and bring convenience to customers. On-the-go patrons can quickly input their orders, and indecisive diners can browse at their own pace. Self-service kiosks free up front-of-house employees, so you can optimize staff and fulfill more orders in less time. As an added bonus, kiosks use AI to push personalized offers and promotions that entice customers and boost sales.

Employee engagement

Motivate staff and boost productivity through our employee engagement platform. Use gamification, recognition, and rewards to keep employees engaged.

Points & Rewards

Employees are the bread and butter of fast casual restaurants. They fulfill orders, make sure customers are happy, and keep things running smoothly. Points & Rewards is an employee rewards app that helps motivate staff by gamifying the employee experience and rewarding them for their hard work. When employees meet their goals, win challenges, and more, they can earn points that are redeemable through Raydiant’s extensive rewards marketplace. This is a great way to provide employees with recognition and show your appreciation in tangible ways. In turn, gamification, recognition, and rewards also increase productivity and profits.

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