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Bluedot is a complete customer arrival toolkit made for optimizing the customer to-go experience. Predict customer traffic, improve customer-brand engagement, and create more amazing customer interactions as a whole with geofencing. Your customers won’t miss waiting. With Bluedot, you can make curbside pick-up easy for customers - no lines, no waiting, and no stale or spoiled items. When customers are nearby, Bluedot lets your employees know when to start preparing their order through Raydiant’s back-of-house signage. Whether you’re a growing restaurant franchise or have a high volume of to-go or drive-thru orders, Bluedot & Raydiant can help.

Track orders in real-time

Empower staff to focus on an optimized priority list of customer needs. By tracking orders in real time (and knowing when customers are getting close), staff can prioritize in-person concerns and predict restaurant traffic. Bluedot eliminates the need to juggle online orders when there are in-person orders to fulfill. Having real-time knowledge of how busy pick-ups will be during the lunch rush will help you prepare the space and distribute your staff accordingly, so you can create a better experience for both dine-in and takeout customers.

Streamline back of house operations

With Bluedot’s geofencing technology, back of house staff are alerted to start preparing food once a customer gets closer to the establishment. Your staff can optimize their time around arrival times, more accurately account for inventory, and reduce food waste. You don’t have to guess if or when someone will show up to pick up their order. You’ll know exactly when they’re in the vicinity and when that food needs to be prepared. If someone orders online for pick-up but never shows up, supplies aren’t wasted preparing that order.

Ensure food items are prepared on time

By waiting to prepare items until the customer is nearby, restaurants can ensure their products are delivered at the ideal temperature and deliver an awesome (and consistent) customer experience. This is especially important for fast casual chains where customers expect consistent quality across different locations around the country. This is also important for restaurants, cafes and other establishments where food quality is linked to temperature and texture. Preparing and serving food on time means no cold cappuccinos or soggy burger buns.

How we integrate

Bluedot is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply connect your Bluedot account within our app marketplace and you’ll be ready to broadcast order pick up data across Raydiant-powered back-of-house screens in minutes.