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Clover is your very own, customizable POS system built to meet your business needs. From online ordering to mobile payments to table service, Clover meets your customers wherever they are, so that their shopping or dining experience is always easy and positive. Now part of the comprehensive Raydiant dashboard, Clover is easy to use as part of a larger business management system. Everything you need to power your restaurant, retail store, or service-based business—and offer an unparalleled customer experience—is only a few clicks away.


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A POS built for you business

Clover is a customizable POS system that helps you run your business your way. For every type of business, there is a Clover POS that covers all the bases. No more using one system for managing inventory, another for mobile payments, and yet another for online ordering. Clover gives you the tools you need—no more, no less—to help you create a powerful in-house and online presence. And it automates your back-of-house processes, freeing up time and money for bigger and better things (like growing your business).

Table service to take out - and all in between

Clover POS systems run the gambit, from countertop to handheld to online (or a mix). It caters to brick-and-mortar and online businesses, and those that do both. What are some services that a Clover POS can offer? Orders, payments, sales reports, inventory, invoicing, cash drawer, receipt printing, gift card processing, and more. Restaurants can power their dine-in, takeout, delivery, and curbside ordering. Retail stores can manage refunds, process promotions and discounts, and accept counter and mobile payments. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A seamless way to go contactless

Nervous to go contactless? Clover makes the process easy and seamless. Accept contact-free orders and payments, whether you’re at the counter or curbside. The system sets up fast and the dashboard is easy to navigate. Customers won’t have to wait to order or pay, and will love the convenience of it all. Clover offers a handheld system, or lets you use your mobile devices, so you can help your customers anywhere you have Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Access it anytime, anywhere

Clover, like Raydiant, is managed in a secure cloud, letting you run your business from anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days of driving from one location to another to check inventory, manage promotions, or look at your sales reports. Anytime you want to see what your business is doing—no matter the location, or locations—you can simply log into the Clover app from the Raydiant dashboard, and on any device.

How we integrate

The Clover app is available as part of Raydiant’s comprehensive app library. The system requires a Clover subscription and POS device of your choice, which you can run right from the Raydiant dashboard. As an integrated system, it updates your digital menu boards anytime there’s a change to the POS (like a menu or inventory change), for a complete system that simplifies restaurant management. This functionality is available as part of the comprehensive Raydiant In-Location Experience Platform, where you can manage everything from your digital signs and background music to occupancy tracking and AR technology. Try Raydiant today by booking a free demo.