Get Ready for the Shopping Season with Raydiant

The year is winding down, but sales sure aren’t. If anything, the end of the year is the busiest season for retailers. As holiday shoppers set their sights on gifts and promotions, put your best foot forward by optimizing your space with Raydiant’s state-of-the-art retail experience platform. 

Create eye-catching displays

Draw customers’ attention to new products, exclusive deals, and in-store events. The holiday season is prime time to get shoppers to spend a little extra. Strategically place digital signage around your store and near product displays to encourage browsing and boost sales. Display lookbooks and curated video content to inspire shoppers’ purchases. According to this report, digital signage increases in-store traffic by 33%, boosts brand awareness by 47.7%, and influences 68% of customers to buy. 

Provide more information about items and suggest similar products with lift and learn technology. Cross-sell, upsell, or down-sell easily — think of the personalized recommendations as an extra salesperson, without the overhead.

Kiosks are key

Take advantage of the versatility of self-service kiosks. Kiosks streamline your operations and make sure everything runs smoothly, which is crucial during the busyness of the holiday shopping season.

Leverage self-checkout, which is the perfect solution for reducing long lines at the register. Self-service checkout frees up front-of-house staff so they can spend more time assisting customers or managing inventory. 

Kiosks also present an opportunity to deliver unique in-person experiences. Outfit self-service kiosks with apps from our App Marketplace to give shoppers delightful interactive options. Integrate apps such as Zyler, a virtual try-on app that allows customers to skip the fitting room and instantly try on items they’ve been eyeing.

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Personalize marketing with AI

Our artificial intelligence (AI) technology enables you to automatically trigger content that is most relevant to a certain demographic. The holiday season is bound to bring together a wide variety of shoppers to your store, which makes it difficult to create marketing campaigns that appeal to customers on an individual level. However, the modern customer craves personalization — customers spend 40% more when presented with a highly personalized shopping experience.  

With AI technology, you can identify metrics (such as gender and age) and deliver the digital signage content that will have the greatest impact on your audience. Track the number of customers in your store throughout the day and the areas that have the heaviest foot traffic. The AI technology will incorporate all this data to provide targeted content that engages shoppers and increases your sales. 

Finally, measure the effectiveness of your content with information such as mood, dwell time, and purchase data. With more data available over time, the AI technology will continue to “learn” and become more and more effective.

Resources at your fingertips

Transform holiday shopping from a chore to an exciting adventure. With tools such as digital signage, self-service kiosks, interactive apps, and AI technology, you’ll create an unforgettable retail journey that breeds customer loyalty. Book a demo with one of our experts to optimize your store for the holiday season and beyond.