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by Zyler

Zyler is a virtual shopping experience that allows your customers to try on items without waiting for the fitting room. Shoppers can upload their measurements and a selfie to get a true-to-life fitting room simulation, without the hassle of carrying around armfuls of clothing. Create a shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back.


Boost shopper engagement

Impress shoppers with Zyler’s virtual-try-on experience! Display try-on codes on your Raydiant digital signage or kiosk — shoppers can scan the QR code, snap a selfie, input their measurements, and immediately start trying on outfits from your custom catalog. Encourage customers to share their virtual outfit selfies on social media with hashtags and giveaways, and feature their posts on in-store social walls.

Be their personal stylist  

Make it easy for shoppers to put together the outfit of their dreams. Want to suggest the perfect dress for that special occasion? Whether it’s date night, wedding season, or the holidays, put together a virtual try-on catalog to include outfits and accessories that shoppers will love. Customize your catalog to support your marketing efforts and boost sales. It’s a win-win.

Optimize staff 

Free up your staff from messy fitting rooms and inventory management. No more refolding and putting inventory back where it belongs. Reduce maintenance tasks for your staff so they can spend more time engaging with shoppers.

Promote in style

With Raydiant, you can build a multi-zone display to include a Zyler try-on code and on-brand promotions on the same screen. Promote special sales with a curated, virtual try-on catalog through Zyler so shoppers can conveniently browse items associated with the promotion. 

How we integrate

Zyler is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply connect your Zyler account within our app dashboard. Create an on-brand display and generate a try-on code associated to the catalog of your choice.