New Mobile App for Brick-and-Mortar Spurs Workplace Engagement

Effective workplace communication ensures employee retention, happiness, and success. Some reports even show that productivity increases up to 25% in well-connected teams. Still, reaching employees with the relevant information to succeed day to day can prove challenging.

With over 72% of the brick-and-mortar workforce having no access to a company email or phone, communication often gets lost when funneling to front line workers. The new Raydiant mobile app, designed explicitly for brick-and-mortar businesses, solves many of these issues and bridges the gap between corporate and deskless employees. 

A Mobile-First Strategy 

The Raydiant app allows businesses to reach all employees utilizing the tools that workers already have and enjoy using, including smartphones. Mobile usage data from 2021 revealed that 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, and about 90% of smartphone time is spent on mobile apps. By shifting communications from email to mobile, businesses can reach deskless workers in real-time, no matter their location. For companies that operate a “no phone” policy or do not have the money to invest in mobile app technology, Raydiant can provide back office or break room digital signage broadcasting the same content applications available in the mobile app. 

5 Key Features of the New Brick-and-Mortar App

  • Send team messaging in real-time to both employee mobiles and back-office TV channels.

  • Foster creative and quality messaging with a combination of text, images, videos, and documents in the broadcasts.

  • Enable push notifications, notifying mobile users anywhere, anytime.

  • Set up special attention alerts for emergency messages on TV and the app.

  • Available for download on both iOS and Android.

Helping Employees Perform Their Best

We have designed the mobile app as an easy to use, fun, and rewarding tool that will contribute to a healthy and happy workforce through enhanced communication. The app has three main communication functions: Messaging & Alerts, Data & Gamification, and Recognition & Rewards. Let’s take a look at the value of these in helping employees perform their best:

Messaging and Alerts

Using the Raydiant mobile app, deliver timely messaging to employees about a range of company matters directly to their phones. Messaging examples include: general announcements, real-time stock updates, safety messaging, emergency alerts, and even live staff sales wins. Having ready access to this information keeps employees engaged and informed throughout the workday.

Data and Gamification

Going to the workplace doesn’t have to be all work and no play. With Raydiant’s mobile app, businesses can motivate their employees through fun challenges and friendly competitions. App administrators can populate leaderboards using data aggregated in real-time from their in-store POS or our host of app integrations (such as Toast and, coming soon, Square, Revel, and PAR Brink). Let the app bring more fun to the workplace t and give employees those extra incentives.

Recognition and Rewards

With Raydiant’s rewards and recognition platform, employees can give shout outs and view sales contest leaderboards on the go, no matter the time of day. They can also collect and redeem rewards, choosing from a range of gifts such as merchandise, electronics, local experiences, and travel. Recognizing employee contributions and incentivizing them for their achievements boosts morale and makes them feel appreciated. Increase your staff retention rates using the app and keep valued employees in your business.

Invest In Your Biggest Advocates

Your employees are your biggest brand advocates. By investing in tools that make them happy, you lay the foundation for success in other areas of your business, including customer satisfaction, sales generation, and growth. Try the Raydiant mobile app for brick-and-mortar now and see all aspects of your business flourish!

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