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SOLUTIONS Messaging and Communication

An employee engagement app connecting teams through their smartphones.

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Create corporate-wide connection.


Task management at your fingertips

Assign responsibilities to employees or teams through Raydiant's Task Management feature with real-time transparency on completion status.


Push internal messages and news

Reach your teams no matter where you are in the world. Find and send announcements, news, and safety alerts all in one place.


Manage permissions in-app

Scale your communications and tailor your messaging by organizing teams into groups, and adding or removing members.

Keep remote teams engaged

Access live leaderboards and contests

Make the workplace fun with some healthy competition and gamification. Display live leaderboards in-app or on your digital signs.

Cash in on company rewards

Celebrate employee accomplishments and offer rewards for a job well done. Browse our points and rewards marketplace for thousands of options.

Raydiant Eat

Advise employees on everything from stock to schedule changes. Stay connected to other franchises, and compete on customer experience variables. Display live leaderboards so employees know where they stand. Utilize our integration partners for meetings, recognition, and rewards.

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Raydiant Shop

Create commission-based competitions amongst your teams for greater sales and engagement. Recognize consultants for meeting their sales quotas. Leverage back office digital signage for employee of the month recognition and training experiences.

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Raydiant Go

Design interactive employee experiences for every member. Ensure both opening and closing shifts are covered. Crowdsource preferences for meeting times, trainings, and off days.

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"We asked ourselves, ‘How can we grow fast while keeping our employees engaged and our business healthy?’ The answer was Raydiant."
Henry Lam
Sales Operations Manager, Sunbit

Tap into the future of employee communication for brick-and-mortar.

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