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Our Solutions for Engaging Top Employees Across Loved Brick-and-Mortar Brands

As the ultimate performance and employee engagement platform since 2017, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about crafting a brilliant employee experience. Whether engaging workers with advanced recognition capabilities, utilizing gamification, or fostering real-time communication with back-of-house staff, our customers take interactivity to the next level. And their employees notice, too — in fact, 48% of those polled stated that gamification increased their motivation and performance.

Creating this culture of connectivity and collaboration was a topic of discussion during our webinar held this past Thursday, August 25th. In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered with our full recap below.

Webinar Recap: 8/25

Why Invest in the Employee Experience?

As a business owner, you know that your most valuable asset is your employees. Setting them up for success and investing in their workplace experience is the best way to gain internal buy-in, and the drive to meet sales targets. Happier employees means happier customers, and given that 82% of employees believe that recognition is a vital part of happiness at work, we recommend you start here. Employing live leaderboards for displaying friendly contests or positive business reviews boosts workplace morale, and motivates employees with the rewards they crave. Further, our research shows that companies with highly engaged employees report:

  • 25% boost in productivity

  • 19% improvement in operating income

  • 40% lower turnover rate

over a 12-month period. With statistics like these, keeping your workforce engaged and connected can easily set your business apart from the competition.

Solutions for In-Store Teams

As a dynamic app, Raydiant is accessible on both web and mobile devices for connection anywhere. No matter the time zone, industry, or occupation, managers can use our app directly on their personal devices to send out mass alerts, reminders, and schedule changes. Whether notifying employees of safety hazards like on-site construction, or tasks like time card submission, any message can be sent to teams in just one click.

Employee Experience 8/25

Built for robust brick-and-mortar teams, managers can also organize individuals by role, store location, or other custom criteria. In response, employees can write and engage with posts, monitor contest performance, and access their rewards points. With a branded, visual reminder of personal progress, each achievement can be tracked and celebrated.

Meet Raydiant: Curated Engagement in Clicks

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create amazing experiences for people everywhere they go — and that includes your employees! We’re on a mission to own the in-location experience for brick-and-mortar, and are the leading, all-in-one platform for employee engagement solutions. As a cloud-based software, we’re fully customizable, and integrate with over 100 of your favorite apps and data sources, including Toast, Square, Phenium, and more. Plus, we’re always growing our list of integration partners. Book a demo with us today to learn more.