RECAP: Raydiant’s App Marketplace Showcase

Digital signage is fast becoming a staple for restaurants thanks to its ever-evolving capabilities.

The integration of third-party apps has increased digital signage functionality tenfold, enabling restauranteurs to get the maximum ROI from their on-premise screens and to utilize them for multi-business purposes; from menu board curation to front-of-house entertainment, or back-office gamification, the possibilities are endless. Check out Raydiant’s App Marketplace Showcase above or read on to learn about a few of the apps revolutionizing the restaurant industry. 

At Raydiant, we recognize the power of signage applications; that’s why you can leverage over 100+ apps from our marketplace to help you get the most out of your physical restaurant locations and deliver elevated dining experiences. To show a snapshot of what we offer, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps that will level up your restaurant signage, divided into the three following categories: 

  • Menu Apps

  • Entertainment Apps

  • Workplace/Employee Experience Apps

 Without further ado, let’s see what’s on the menu! 

Menu Apps 

"Restaurants typically see a 3-5% increase in any digitally promoted item on menu boards."

On-Brand Menu API

Now you can create 100% on-brand custom menus powered by your Toast POS menu data. Restaurants can create on-brand digital menu boards that update dynamically. Customers can leverage the same features as standard menu apps but, additionally, will have total control over fonts, colors, and layouts to reflect their brand. You can also add images and embed videos. Plus, our simplified API data model is so easy to use it puts you in the driver’s seat for your on-brand menus.

DS Menu

Effortlessly curate menu boards that pop with the DS Menu app. Using pre-made templates, you can easily adjust content and coloring to represent your branding, giving you an expertly crafted sign in minutes without any design experience. By infusing bold graphics with enticing imagery and fun animations, this menu tool will have you grabbing customers’ attention and increasing ticket sizes in no time. 


Create dynamic digital menus, with real-time updates to item pricing and availability, informed by POS menu data. Avoid customer disappointment at the till, and make sure your menus are always reflective of the moment. Keep customers informed, streamline ordering and increase satisfaction with all the latest mouth-watering deals on display using beautiful pre-made templates or custom designs that reflect your brand.  

Entertainment Apps

"Customers will spend 17 percent more for a great in-location experience."


Phenium uses automated restaurant intelligence to manage food safety. Display food safety info at a glance utilizing automation, behavioral science, and sensor devices. This app is perfect for busy kitchens, updating safety and food information via back-of-house screens instead of checking push notifications on a mobile device. Phenium drastically reduces food waste by providing real-time notifications on potentially spoiled food.


Transform your eatery with stunning 4k visuals showing drone footage of tranquil nature scenes, landmarks, countries, and more. Draw customers in and make them feel relaxed in your business with breathtaking scenes from all over the world. Watch customers get lost in the beautiful footage and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Workplace/Employee Engagement Apps

"Productivity increases by up to 25% in well-connected teams."


Employee management is made easy using TimeWellScheduled. This software platform has everything business owners need to stay on top of employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication. Improve internal communication by displaying important staff messaging on back-office screens and send out mobile message alerts for extra visibility to ensure staff is always well informed. 


The Bluedot app streamlines restaurant operations by feeding real-time order data to signage dashboards, helping employees keep track of incoming orders via drive-through and curbside pickups. The app notifies employees of customer arrivals so that they can prepare orders and improve order fulfillment times.

Around 60% to 70% of a restaurant’s sales come from the drive-thru (fast food, fast-casual, QSRs); therefore, it makes sense to streamline the process for both customers and employees. 

All-in-one solution

Whatever your business goals are digital signage is a perfect tool to help you achieve them.

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