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SOLUTIONS Gamification

An employee gamification platform that transforms metrics into engagement.

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Motivate employees with gamification software.


Design internal leaderboards

Raydiant's employee gamification platform enables you to display live standings, track progress, and inspire team members to rise in the ranks.


Promote healthy competition

48% of employees believe gamification increases motivation and performance. Set up contests to incentivize workers to rise up to the challenge.


Gamification apps

Utilize our app partners for comprehensive, culture-laden feedback. Pick your favorites from our extensive App Marketplace.

It's all fun and games.


All about workplace gamification.

We make it easy to recognize, reward, and re-engage your employees.


Create contests in minutes.

Stir up some healthy competition amongst your employees, across hundreds of locations.


Leverage internal stats.

Transform your priority sales and performance metrics into visually-engaging leaderboards to motivate your employees to make the most impact.


Choose your own adventure.

Our plug-and-play solution allows both owners and employees alike to customize their experience with a multitude of integrations.

Raydiant Eat

Our compliments to the chef. Promote friendly competition between franchises and display live leaderboards throughout your back-end digital signage. Allow your employees to always know where they stand.

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Raydiant Shop

Gamify commissions, quotas, and sales goals. Utilize gamification in the workplace for strong employee engagement. Instantly recognize your best sales clerks.

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Raydiant Go

Go workplace gamification! Bring some fun into staunch corporate protocol with shift-specific games and prizes. Compete on a company-wide level by managing in-app permissions.

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Raydiant Create

Create the workplace you want. Reward employees for their wins, both big and small, with our gamification platform.

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"We asked ourselves, ‘How can we grow fast while keeping our employees engaged and our business healthy?’ The answer was Raydiant."
Henry Lam
Sales Operations Manager, Sunbit

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