Hoopla by Raydiant Has The Only Complete Employee Rewards And Engagement Solution

Great news! Hoopla by Raydiant now offers customizable Points & Rewards.

In addition to dealing with the challenges of the pandemic–health and safety of employees, supply chain constraints and more–businesses of all types are now grappling with how to improve retention of their valuable employees. Hiring, especially for retail, has become so difficult that stores are cutting hours, services, or both. This struggle to find and hire employees makes employee retention even more critical for businesses.

Employees need to feel their contributions are valued and appreciated. Lack of recognition and rewards leads to higher turnover. In fact, numerous studies point to lack of recognition as the top reason employees leave their jobs. According to the Harvard Business Review, “82% of employed Americans don’t feel that their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions.” and “… 40% of employed Americans say they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.”

Hoopla by Raydiant’s Employee Experience platform allows employers of all sizes to easily recognize and reward employees. The new, customizable Points & Rewards system takes the real-time recognition capabilities already in the platform to another level. Now employers can easily set up and distribute points to any employee. These points can then be redeemed for thousands of real world items such as travel, electronics, and apparel.

Points can be awarded manually or set to automatically give points to employees if they meet certain criteria. We know employees love to compete. With Points & Rewards, employees can earn points for doing well in various competitions. Employees can also earn points by meeting milestones such as closing a deal above a specific threshold. Once an employee has earned points, they can go to their employer branded rewards store and view the thousands of items available to them.

Raydiant has been the premier workplace experience management platform in the world. Hoopla by Raydiant’s new Points & Rewards system meets employe’s needs for remote, hybrid, and brick-and-mortar workplaces so that they can seamlessly recognize exemplary employees, motivate staff, and move toward achievement of shared goals.

What Can Points & Rewards Do for Your Business?

Become an attractive, competitive employer. Creating a seamless, transparent work experience with clear goals and expectations that is laser-focused on performance is key to meeting the challenges employers face every day. Hoopla by Raydiant’s dedicated experience management platform helps employers do exactly that. Our Points & Rewards system will allow employers to provide rewards that meet the personal tastes and needs of their employees. Instead of generic, impersonal gift cards or team trophies, employees can preview a customized catalog of available items and choose their own dream reward.

Through Hoopla by Raydiant’s platform, both the success and the rewards are shared with the entire team, motivating every individual and team to set goals and achieve them. Whether your workplace is entirely remote, all brick-and-mortar, or hybrid, Hoopla by Raydiant’s Points & Rewards team can work with you to customize a system for recognition that meets your exact needs, amplifies your KPI’s, and motivates your employees through real-time communication, gamification, and recognition.

Create a Lively, Engaging, and Rewarding Workplace. Celebrating great achievements reinforces cultural values and key behaviors for top performers. When top talent is celebrated for achieving a goal, the rest of the team sees a motivational model of what winning looks like:

  • Reinforce values and key behaviors

  • Change short-term habits into long-term values

  • Provide newsflashes on peers’ phones to encourage winning attitudes

  • Make winning a social occasion

  • Offer recognition in the form points that lead to material rewards suited to each individual

Lead Through Change. Leaders can track progress at the individual and team level, automate competition with integrated data, and recognize top performers with points to celebrate their success. Publicly displayed leaderboards drive external motivation as employees can view their own progress in real time on televisions, PCs or their phones. Recognition is arguably the most important component of gamification because it routinely reinforces positive behaviors. Achieving a goal is like getting to the finish line at the end of a race. When you reach that goal, you look forward to seeing your name and face splashed across the screen in the office, and to receiving the tangible reward that acknowledges all the hard work you just put in. This positive, public, and personal recognition is addictive, and encourages people to continue playing the game, earning the points, and claiming the rewards they have earned.

Customizable Rewards and Points

Hoopla by Raydiant is proud to offer an extensive, customizable Rewards Store. Recognition is key to high performance and employee retention. Recognition with rewards creates excitement, draws out the best that employees have to offer, and motivates teams toward optimal performance. It’s an easy step an employer can take to mitigate turnover of valued employees.

Implementing your own rewards solutions can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and difficult to organize. Let Hoopla by Raydiant’s team show you have easy it is to create a solution that meet your needs and motivates your employees:

  • Reward options are broad: from electronics to vacations and everything in between

  • Customize rewards by selecting and eliminating available rewards by preference.

  • Select branded rewards designed just for your business

  • Redemption is easy and reliable

  • Hoopla by Raydiant’s team will work with you to create a rewards program that meets your specific needs

  • The points feature can be used in conjunction with the Rewards Store or without it

How Do I Make Hoopla by Raydiant’s System Work for My Business?

  • Hoopla by Raydiant can provide Points & Rewards support to nearly every country around the globe

  • Customized, branded reward stores designed specifically for your company personalize the experience

  • Set up time is minimal and can usually be accomplished in just a couple days.

  • Tens of thousands of items to choose

  • Points can be awarded to top performers in all Hoopla challenges (e.g. face-offs, tournaments, battles, races)

  • Employees can earn points by hitting key milestones

Who Needs Hoopla by Raydiant’s Points & Rewards System?

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the recruitment and retention of skilled employees can rely on Hoopla by Raydiant’s Points & Rewards system for an integrated, customizable solution that meets their present and future needs. Whether you want to supercharge your sales culture, recognize your top performers, or are just looking for a way to engage a new generation of employees, Hoopla by Raydiant’s Points & Rewards system can help. Our platform taps into your teams’ natural competitive spirit while points move each individual toward their own personal goals to inspire everyone to peak performance.

Reach out to Hoopla by Raydiant today to begin enhancing recruitment, retention, and performance.