Hoopla Technology is Now Part of the Raydiant Suite

Last year, Raydiant acquired Hoopla, a comprehensive employee engagement solution that was the perfect addition to Raydiant’s Experience Platform. We’re excited to share that Hoopla is now fully integrated into the Raydiant suite, solidifying our place as the ultimate employee experience platform. We’ve merged our website and product offerings to present you with the resources you need to foster an engaging work environment powered by gamification, recognition and rewards, and communication.

Along with Raydiant’s strides on the customer side, Hoopla by Raydiant rounds out our offerings to create amazing brick-and-mortar experiences. This is a major step for our business, as the employee experience has a direct impact on the customer experience. When employees are engaged, companies can expect a 25% uptick in productivity and a 50% lower turnover rate. We acquired Hoopla to further our commitment to the employee experience. Let’s take a look at what Hoopla by Raydiant can do to transform your employees into your company's biggest brand advocates. 

A Powerful In-Location Experience

The Raydiant experience platform is a command center for evolving businesses, featuring a robust app marketplace, customer analytics, POS system integrations, and sophisticated data connectivity. Our back office digital signs improve communication, boost sales, and increase engagement for both customers and employees. People choose Raydiant to create a dynamic, engaging in-location experience for communication, interaction, and engagement.

Raydiant offers the best solution on the market today to create a stellar customer experience. Our in-location experience platform has transformed some of the top names in brick-and-mortar, from restaurants to stores to schools, airports, and more. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Harness The Power Of Employee Recognition

Hoopla paired with Raydiant technology allows for employee recognition at a higher level. Whether your team spans multiple stores, states, or even countries, these employee engagement solutions allow users to celebrate and unify your team. High-performance cultures don’t happen by accident, and a large part of that results directly from employee recognition. With Hoopla, celebrate and recognize your team’s accomplishments in a fast, simple way. 

Recognize Workers In Real-Time

Newsflashes allow Hoopla users to celebrate and encourage employees in real-time. These instantaneous alerts use Hoopla by Raydiant’s automated data integration to populate both your screens and direct messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams with congratulatory messages whenever there’s an employee or team win. With Hoopla’s mobile app, this can be accessed on any device, too.

Live Leaderboards

Keep a live leaderboard to showcase employee performance, celebrate real-time achievements, and run an accurate office scoreboard. Publicly recognize your workers and teams when they win workplace contests, reach special milestones, or celebrate a birthday or anniversary with Hoopla’s seamless data integrations. 

Workplace Gamification That Drives Performance

People love playing games – and they want to win. Tap into your team’s natural competitive spirit by gamifying parts of the workplace process. Gamification creates healthy competition to drive greater performance and motivate employees in a fun, easy way. Now you can turn your company goals and employee KPIs into lighthearted, friendly contests workers can play with anyone on the team. Live leaderboards also track performance, cheer team members on, and announce on-screen celebrations. 

The Ultimate Virtual Team Experience

The best part about Hoopla by Raydiant’s virtual platform? It connects your entire team, no matter where in the world they are working. Teams engage like never before and interact for more than just traditional work tasks. Hoopla allows for a fun, meaningful virtual atmosphere to foster company culture, even when your team is largely remote. 

Hoopla & Raydiant

All of the amazing Hoopla features you’ve come to know and love exist and are now more robust with our full integration. Teams of all sizes, workplace models, and workplace cultures can come together in a meaningful way. We’re excited to share how Hoopla and Raydiant’s seamless solution creates the complete Employee Engagement Platform. 

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