A Letter from the CEOs: Thanks to All Who Helped Make This Happen!

Dear Customers, Teammates, Partners, and Friends,

We have some exciting news to share! Raydiant has recently acquired Hoopla, leading the way to the future of work, and serving the changing needs of our customers.

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work and will permanently change how we view the role of the office, remote workers, and how we collaborate and communicate. The opportunity is huge for those companies that lead the way and optimize for a hybrid flexible workforce, and adding this performance management and motivation platform will make them fully equipped for the future of the workplace as we know it.

This acquisition is the result of Raydiant customers asking for an even more robust workplace solution. But as we worked together, we realized there was a much bigger opportunity. Not only does the Hoopla platform better serve the needs of our workplace customers, but it gives our brick-and-mortar customers the back-office solutions they need to seamlessly manage their restaurants and retail stores. This is truly a comprehensive solution for all Raydiant customers, and we are thrilled to share it with you!

But first: this good news wouldn’t be possible without a lot of support. So, both of us would like to say thank you to our teams who’ve worked tirelessly to make this happen. And to you—Raydiant customers—thank you for supporting us with your ideas and feedback. You help make the Raydiant platform that much better.

It’s taken a lot of thought, work, and collaboration to make this exciting news happen—so thank you all!


Bobby Marhamat
CEO of Raydiant

Mike Smalls
Former CEO of Hoopla
Head of Workplace, Raydiant