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DCatalog is a digital publication platform that enables corporations to create and publish HTML5 digital flipbooks. With DCatalog, you can create and publish digital flipbooks into flip catalogs, magazines, brochures, reports, training materials and more. A digital flipbook looks exactly like a printed publication, with pages that can be flipped or turned like a traditional magazine or brochure, but the content lives entirely online. DCatalog’s online cloud publishing platform increases access to flipbook content for companies, to increase brand awareness and boost online sales. DCatalog’s digital flipbook publications offer a simple, affordable avenue to consistently create and deliver high quality marketing content to your customers.

Affordable marketing - reduce your printing fees

Publishing printed flipbooks, catalogs, brochures, magazines, reports and more builds brand trust and loyalty, delivers helpful information to customers, and entices new or returning customers to increase their purchasing.

But, printing high quality marketing content is expensive. Even worse? Printed content can quickly become outdated. But, the solution is simple. DCatalog’s online publishing platform allows businesses to to create and publish HTML5 digital flipbooks into flip catalogs, magazines, brochures, reports, training materials and more.

DCatalog’s digital flipbooks are an affordable way to consistently create high quality marketing content for your customers to interact with online, on mobile devices, and in-location.


Boost purchasing - a more engaging shopping experience

Customers today want to engage in shopping experiences that feel customized and personal.

With DCatalog’s online publishing platform, businesses have the option to publish multiple marketing assets at once. This means you can target specific customers for specific products, and offer a more personalized shopping experience.

Additionally, DCatalog’s publishing platform introduces the option to market seasonal or limited time only products.

Targeting customers with this kind of personalized marketing increases the likelihood of purchasing and return visits.


Increase customer engagement at the point of purchase

DCatalog’s digital flipbook publications are the perfect way to increase customer engagement online and in-location.

Digital flipbooks can include links to new web pages (like a product page), photos, videos, and other interactive features that grab the attention of your customer and keep them engaged with your products and brand. For business owners that means more purchases, more engagement, and more loyalty to your brand.


How do we integrate

For Raydiant users, the DCatalog app works on the Surface Go Device. To get started, first you need to add a “Doc ID” to your Raydiant profile. The Doc ID is obtained once you become a customer of DCatalog. To obtain your Doc ID log into your admin account on DCatalog’s page and claim your Doc ID. With this Doc ID you can now transform files into digital flipbooks. Once you insert the “Doc ID” into any catalog or brochure, it becomes available to interact with on the screen like a flipbook.