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by 7shifts

7shifts is a restaurant scheduling software. Spend less time and effort scheduling staff, reduce monthly labor costs, and streamline team communication. Display shift schedules on Raydiant’s back-of-house digital signage to simplify team management, one shift at a time.

Keep your teams in sync and schedules up-to-date

Gone are the days of printing and posting shifts on bulletin boards.  Streamline your scheduling processes, and show accurate employee shift information and event calendars on Raydiant digital signage screens. Display schedules by locations, department, roles, and timeframes (whether daily or weekly).

Built to scale with your high-growth restaurant

Reduce the friction of managing schedules for your nationwide franchise. With real-time data synchronization, automatically adding and removing employee shifts across multiple locations is easy. Reflect changes on Raydiant digital signage in real time whenever employee schedules or events are modified.

Optimize your labor budget

Connect 7shifts with your existing POS system to gain valuable insights on sales and labor data. Make informed budgeting decisions with regard to labor to ensure your restaurant is cost-efficient.

Rotate alongside other awesome apps for back office employee engagement

Cycle our 7shifts integration into your Raydiant nested playlists to feature other exciting content from event flyers to employee birthdays, anniversaries, or gamification streams alongside your shift schedules. Or dedicate an entire TV to 7shifts to ensure schedules are viewable 100% of the time.

How we integrate

Raydiant integrates directly with 7shifts to dynamically display employee schedules in real-time. From managing multiple locations to streamlining scheduling processes, 7shifts integration removes the hassle by automatically updating schedules whenever employees make changes to their schedules. Make scaling your restaurant easy.