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by WindowSight

Step into a world where screens transcend the ordinary. WindowSight is the art streaming platform that turns idle screens into vibrant canvases of inspiration. Immerse your space in over 15,000 masterpieces from 250 renowned artists and photographers. Whether you're in offices, coworking spaces, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, or event venues, WindowSight empowers you to curate the perfect ambiance for any occasion, elevate your brand identity, and contribute to a flourishing community of artists through an equitable revenue stream.

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1. Strengthen your brand presence

With WindowSight, you can make your brand stand out by adding personality to your space and creating lasting impressions on clients. Leverage the unlimited digital art to boost your company identity, attract new customers and build loyalty.

2. Maximize TV Investment, Elevate Client Satisfaction

Utilize WindowSight to turn idle screens into tools for creating a personalized and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to curated art playlists, you can display over 15000 masterpieces from +250 renowned international artists to shape a cohesive visual atmosphere that resonates with your clients.

3. Captivate Attention in Waiting Areas

In waiting areas or corporate spaces, WindowSight reduces perceived waiting times by 40%, engaging clients with dynamic ambiance. Elevate the client experience, combat boredom, and set the right tone for your interactions.

4. Alleviate Stress and Boost Team Productivity

Streaming ever-changing visuals reduces the monotony of the work grind, encourages collaboration and boosts creativity by 35%. Whether in offices, restaurants, or healthcare spaces, the therapeutic power of art fosters a sense of calm, increases staff retention, and improves well-being for employees, patients, and visitors.

5. Alleviate Employee Stress and Enhance Well-being

WindowSight creates positive and calming environments, reducing stress and anxiety. Whether in offices or healthcare spaces, the therapeutic power of art fosters a sense of calm, comfort, and well-being for employees, patients, and visitors.

6. Ensure Legal Compliance, Save Time and Money:

Providing licensed art content, WindowSight provides the right of public communication for all artworks in our extensive collection. Save valuable time, eliminate legal headaches of copyright infringements, and focus on creating the perfect atmosphere for your business spaces hassle-free.