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Bringing the best in digital signage and in-location customer experience with the best in digital menu solutions, Raydiant’s NCR Aloha integration is a comprehensive solution for restaurants everywhere.

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Manage digital menus

The NCR app allows you to manage digital menu boards in one or more locations from one place. Now you can add menu items, change pricing, set holiday and happy hour menus, and more from the Raydiant dashboard. Updates from this cloud-based interface can be made in seconds and are live in seconds on your screens. Running out of an ingredient? Take it off your menus instantly. Making a last-minute promotion? Program your screens immediately—and from any device or location.

Frontline Employee Engagement

The integration of Raydiant's Frontline Employee Engagement product provides a unique way for restaurants to motivate and unite their staff through the gamification of sales data from the NCR Aloha system. Restaurants can leverage real-time sales metrics to create friendly competition around promotional menu items or overall sales goals. This fosters teamwork and a spirit of friendly competition among employees to drive higher productivity and sales.


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Raydiant Transforms Restaurant Experiences with New NCR Aloha Integration