GDS - Global Display Solutions

by GDS - Global Display Solutions

Global Display Solutions (GDS) is a firm specializing in indoor and outdoor LCD screen technology. Our partnership with GDS allows us to offer Raydiant customers a fully operational drive-thru system, from the hardware, screen, enclosure and cabling to Raydiant’s menu management platform. This turnkey solution is ideal for restaurants who want high-brightness screens that are easy to read in any light conditions, and ones made durable for outdoor environments. Powered by Raydiant, these digital menus come with a host of benefits.

Drive-thru hardware and software in one

No need to source your own screens for your drive-thru needs—we’ve done it for you! Raydiant works with GDS to bring a turnkey solution to you that takes the best technology from both brands and turns it into a fully operational drive-thru system! Between our two brands, everything from the hardware, installation, and screen set up (using our innovative, plug-and-play ScreenRay device) is taken care of, so you’re ready to go!

Easy-to-design, easy-to-update screens

GDS’s high-brightness screens look vibrant rain or shine, and Raydiant ensures that the menu design is just as visually impactful. With our drag-and-drop design tools, you can choose from one of thousands of menu templates, or create your own. Add mouthwatering images, animations, and your logo to make it unique to your brand. And any time you 86 a menu item, run out of inventory, or add a new dish, it takes seconds to update your menus!

Simple menu management, inside and out

Raydiant was designed to make life easier for business owners and managers. Our platform powers all Raydiant-enabled screens and menu boards—whether that’s in one or one hundred locations. For restaurateurs, this means wasting no time manually changing each menu board individually. Instead, simply log onto your Raydiant dashboard to make a menu change—and it updates across screens (including drive-thru). You can also choose to update only certain screens if you like—you’re in control.

Control your menus from anywhere

Did we mention that you can control your screens—menu boards, drive-thru menus, digital posters—from any device? Raydiant’s cloud-based platform gives you full control, whether you’re home, at work, or on a tropical beach somewhere.

How we integrate

GDS digital screens are available to Raydiant customers looking for a turnkey drive-thru system. Between our two brands, you’ll be fully set up with drive-thru enclosure, screen, cabling, hardware, and installation, plus a plug-and-play Raydiant system for designing and managing your drive-thru menus. For more information, book a free demo today.