pickle planner

Pickle Planner

by Pickle Planner

Pickle Planner is a pickleball and tennis court reservation system that allows court managers and owners to easily display court availability to players. Dedicate one screen to Pickle Planner or incorporate the court availability display into a Raydiant-powered content playlist.

Clearly display court availability for guests

With the best user experience in the game, Pickle Planner makes it easy for pickleball and tennis players to know which courts are available. To use the court reservation system, players need to log in to the Pickle Planner app. They can book courts and create reservations that others can join.

Control display settings on the Raydiant dashboard

Customize displays to show availability for today, tomorrow, the following day, etc. in real time. Include any logos or branding on your display so your court reservation system feels personalized and on-brand

A seamless court management system 

This app is great for country clubs, tennis clubs, pickleball clubs, parks and rec, and more. Multiple locations? No problem. You can manage multiple locations, membership management, and invoicing — all from one account.

How we integrate

Pickle Planner is available as part of our in-location experience marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply connect your Pickle Planner account within our app marketplace with your unique ID code. Customize the viewing options on the Raydiant dashboard and display court availability for all visitors.