by Adentro

Adentro is a marketing platform that pairs with your in-store guest WiFi network to make your marketing simpler and more effective. As a complement to the Raydiant platform, Adentro is offered as an add-on technology that offers brick-and-mortar businesses the customer data, tools, and analytics they need to target their in-location and online marketing campaigns for better reach and response. Since Adentro creates a closed-loop system from the platform to your physical location, all your marketing can be measured based on real customer visits to your business in addition to the standard online metrics.

Metrics you need for success

Ditch the customer surveys—Adentro gives you a better way to capture customer insights. Want to know how much traffic you get on any given day? How about your average dwell time or peak hours? Want to get a better understanding of your customer demographic breakdown? Adentro measures it all by tracking real-life customers when they visit your stores and populating your dashboard with insights and benchmarks so you can make better business decisions.


Targeted marketing like never before

Adentro data tells you who your customer is and what they want, based on real-life customer behavior. For example, do you get more foot traffic with certain online promotions? Are your targeted customer emails bringing in more repeat business and/or loyalty members? With Adentro, you can now measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with offline customer visits, as well as online traffic and conversions. The omnichannel Adentro platform also allows you to use this data to create uber-personalized marketing campaigns that speak to your customers.

Access to a 50M+ customer network

Did we mention that—along with your customers who opt in—you also have access to more than 50 million customers on the Adentro network? Search the network for businesses like yours for their category lists. You now have access to that juicy customer data you’re after—visit frequency, demographics, visit behavior, and more—all gathered by businesses similar to yours. The best part (aside from customer insights you can’t get elsewhere) is that all customers in the Adentro network are 100% opted in, which means they adhere to the highest level of consumer privacy standards.

Easy installation and setup

Setting up Adentro is easy—simply update the configurations on your existing guest WiFi access points or call the Adentro support team for help. Installation and setup are simple, with most businesses up and running within three business days.

How we intergrate

Adentro is offered at an additional cost to Raydiant customers. Though operated independently, both platforms work together to help brick and mortars elevate their in-store customer experience. Raydiant offers digital signage and an array of apps to create a multi-sensory, engaging experience for in-location customers. Adentro offers customers a more personalized experience through targeted deals and promotions using their powerful WiFi-powered marketing platform. To learn more, visit raydiant.com.