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Today’s shopper craves instant information and personalized experiences. Browse apps that fuel digital transformation for retail brick-and-mortar.

Today’s shopper has high demands - they crave instant information and personalized experiences, but have missed the touch and feel of real products at a brick-and-mortar. Browse apps that fuel digital transformation for retail brick-and-mortar. Encourage shoppers to self-explore through contactless kiosks or immersive lift-and-learn technology. Personalize the shopping experience with virtual try on experiences. And explore apps and tools for streamlining your back office operations (so employees can focus on creating a more meaningful customer experience).

Captivate shoppers from the sidewalk

Browse apps that create immersive, illuminating window displays to draw potential buyers off the sidewalk and into your retail brick-and-mortar. Showcase lifestyle or influencer videos on Raydiant-powered screens to showcase your latest inventory and splurge-worthy collections.

Empower shoppers to self-educate and explore

Browse apps and technology that empower shoppers to “lift and learn” about a variety of products in your store. Offer apps that delight customers with personalized, virtual try-on experiences (exposing them to more products, and reducing staff time to manage the changing room). And leverage contactless kiosks to give shoppers real-time inventory availability, and the opportunity to skip the checkout line.

Build healthy competition amongst your sales reps

Browse apps that foster friendly competition for commission-driven retail teams. Leverage Raydiant screens in your breakrooms to take in real-time data from your point of sale system, and from there, transform that data into broadcasted leaderboards, hosted sales contests and more to show reps where they’re standing at the end of the month.