Poplar Studio

by Poplar Studio

Poplar Studio brings augmented reality (AR) to the brick-and-mortar retail experience as part of Raydiant’s app library. Retailers can employ these interactive AR experiences in their stores to encourage customers to engage with their products in a fun, contact-free way. With AR, customers can virtually “try on” products and visualize them in their space, as well as play games, engage in shopping treasure hunts, and learn more about products and services.

Offer virtual "try on" tech customers love

The contactless shopping experience is quickly becoming the norm. AR technology gives customers the ability to try on clothes, shoes, glasses, makeup, and more—using, not their hands, but their smartphone camera. Visualizing products in this way leads to more purchases and less returns.

Turn shopping into an adventure

The Poplar Studio app lets Raydiant retailers create in-store treasure hunts, turning shopping trips into interactive adventures using image trackers on screens around the store. Customers scan these codes, each of which opens a unique AR experience. Use them to guide customers through your store, display new product info, provide access to specials and promotions, and more.

Engage customers with mini-games

Boost customer engagement while downplaying wait time by offering AR mini games. Both adults and kids will love these scannable games, which open right on their mobile phone for instant fun. Customers use facial expressions, gestures, and screen taps to play—keeping them entertained as they wait in line or for their shopping buddy.

Harness the marketing power of AR

From Nike to Lowe’s, the world’s leading brands are using AR at their locations. Customers prefer shopping with retailers who use AR, and they’re more likely to buy and to return when the technology is offered. The pandemic may have accelerated the “touch-free” try-on trend of AR, but it has quickly become a must-have for brick-and-mortar retailers.

How do we integrate

Poplar Studio offers AR and 3D experiences that can be displayed on Raydiant screens, enhancing in-store shopping experiences. Options include virtual “try-on” technology, interactive treasure hunts, mini games and more.