Motivate with Leaderboards

Transparent, public ranking taps into the natural psychology of employees and teams, motivating them to perform even better.

How do you motivate your teams to perform their best? Make them Famous.

Hoopla by Raydiant’s professionally designed, sports-style leaderboards make it easy to track individual and team progress in an exciting visual format. Individuals can see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win.


See who’s winning.

Team and individual leaderboards track employee progress compared with their peers, fostering more competition and productivity among your people. When stats are publicly visible, teams challenge each other to bring out their best.

  • Track progress at the individual level and team level.
  • Automate competition with integrated data.
  • Recognize top performers and celebrate success.

Profile your top performers.

Everyone loves to see their name in lights. With customized profiles for each employee, you create an engaged workplace where each team member feels a sense of personal accomplishment.

  • Amp up the room with walk-up songs and videos.
  • Use custom photography for each person on the team.
  • Give remote employees a sense of camaraderie with a personal touch.

Showcase progress reports.

he speed of business today means your emails and PDFs are getting lost in inboxes. A live dashboard of key metrics democratizes the flow of information so everyone can be on the same page.

  • Make every win and stat instantly available for all to see.
  • Foster a high-performance culture with distributed data.
  • Automate goal tracking and communication to your leadership.

Find trends in the data.

Integrating your apps and data gives you and your team true visibility into your performance, so you’ll never have to spend time analyzing what the results mean.

  • Focus on the work that matters with automated analysis.
  • Pull metrics from spreadsheets, CRM, MAS, and more.
  • Show progress in a way that’s meaningful for your business.
“It’s so fun to see the engagement and excitement in the office when a new transaction or client relationship is awarded. You see a lot of high-fives and congratulations, and it’s really what makes this place great.”
—Alan Sikora, CEO, First American Equipment Finance

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